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금속공학특론: 극한구조재료 (AMSE731H, 2014 Fall Semester)
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  Technological development is paced by creating and putting into service materials that are ever-more capable of withstanding extreme conditions, such as high stress, temperature, radiation and long-term service. This class is devoted to teaching of cutting-edge experimental and modeling research about materials at extreme conditions, such as ultrafine grained materials, ultra-high strength materials relative to their ideal strength and materials at high temperatures relative to their melting points. Understanding the effects of extremes in physical size-scale and microstructure is also critical in order to advance the performance of materials under demanding conditions. Lecture will concern developments in state-of-the-art experimental techniques for evaluating material behavior and microstructure, and complementary computational and modeling efforts aimed at fundamental understanding of materials under these extreme conditions.
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▶ 강의 교재

- Handout
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▶ 강의 진도 계획

Week 1: introduction
Week 2-3: Definition of problems
Week 4-5: Extremely fine grained materials: ultrafine, nano-scale and amorphous metallic materials and applications
Week 6-7: Extremely high and low strain rate behavior (explosion, creep) and applications
Week 8-11: Extremely high pressure behavior and applications
Week 10 : High and low temperature behavior and applications
Week 11-16: Report presentations
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