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1. 강의 목표

 This course pursues the understanding of the basic concept of crystallography, the description of crystal structure and their relevance to the crystal imperfections such as point defects, dislocations, stacking faults, interface and twinning.

2. 강의 진도 계획


1. Lattice geometry: lattices; unit cell; point group; symmetry elements; crystal forms; space groups (3 weeks)

2. Stereographic Projection : plans; directions; Miller index; reciprocal lattice vectors; analytical calculation; graphical method; surface and trace analysis. (2 weeks)

3. Crystal Structures : close packing; intersitial sites; coordination; metallic structures; various compound structures (2 weeks)

4. Stress, Strain and Elasticity : strain tensor; stress tensor, axis transformation; elasticity of crystals (1 week)


5. Point Defects : production; the relationship with physical and mechanical properties; observation

6. Dislocations : geometry; direct observations; glide; stress field; force on a dislocation; interactions with other dislocations (3 weeks)

7. Dislocation in Real Crystals : perfect and partial dislocations; stacking faults; dislocations in FCC, BCC and HCP structures (2 weeks)

8. Crystalline interfaces: stacking faults; grain boundary; interphase boundary; antiphase boundary; magnetic domain wall, twinning elements; phase (2 week)

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