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International (SCI)

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162 Sanjeev Das, N.S. Lim , H.W. Kim, ●C. G. Park ,

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produced by twin roll casting process,” Materials Design, Vol.32, pp. 4603-4607 (2011.09)

163. Sungmin Park, Gilho Gu and ● Chan Gyung Park ,

"Effects of Mg Doping to optimize the propperties of ZnO:Al for transparent conductive

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10164. N. S. Lim, C. W. Bang, S. Das, H. W. Jin, R. Ayer, and ● C. G. Park

"Influence of tempering temperature on both the microstructural evolution and

elemental distribution in AISI 4340 steels",

Metals and Materials Inter. 18(1) , 87-94 (2012. 02)

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166. ●Pyuck-Pa Choi, Oana Cojocaru-Miredin, Daniel Abou-Ras, Raquel Caballero,

Dierk Raabe,Vincent S. Smentkowski, Chan Gyung Park, Gil Ho Gu , Baishakhi Mazumder, Man Ho Wong, Yan-Ling Hu, Thiago P. Melo, and James S. Speck

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169. Jae-Bok Seol , Dierk Raabe, Pyuck-Pa Choi, Hyung-Seok Park , Jai-Hyun Kwak, and ● Chan-Gyung Park ,

“Direct evidence for the formation of ordered carbides in a ferrite based low-density

Fe-Mn-Al-C alloy studied by TEM and atom probe tomography,”

Scripta Mater., (2012.08)

170. Jae-Bok Seol , Dierk Raabe, Puck-Pa Choi, Yung-Rok Im, Chan-Gyung Park ,

“Atomic scale effects of alloying, partitioning, solute drag and austempering on the

mechanical properties of high-carbon bainitic-austenitic TRIP steels”

Acta Materialia, 60(17), 6183-6199 (2012.10)

171. Sung-Kyu Kim, B. H. Lee and ● C. G. Park ,

"SIMS analytical technique for N profile in SiON/SiN/Si"

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172. B. H. Kim, S. M. Park, S. W. Park, Y. B. Park, H. J. Kim, and ● C. G. Park

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62. 설재복, 이봉호, 박찬경 ,

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63. 정우영, 방찬우, 구길호, 박찬경

“Atom Probe Tomography를 이용한 나노 스케일의 조성분석:I.이론과 설비”

한국현미경학회지, Vol. 41(2) pp.81-88 (2011.06)

64. 정우영, 방찬우, 장동현, 구길호, 박찬경

“Atom Probe Tomography를 이용한 나노 스케일의 조성분석: ”II. 전자소자 및 나노재료에서의 응용 “ 한국현미경학회지, Vol, 41(2), pp.89-98 (2011.06)