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173. G.H. Gu, K.B. Nam and ● C. G. Park

"Composition Fluctuation of In and Well-width Fluctuation in InGaN/GaN Multi Quantum Wells in LED Devices,"

Microscopy &microanalysis , 19, S5, 99-104 (2013)

174. J ae-Bok Seol, J.E. Jung, Y.W. Jang, ● C.G. Park ,

"Influence of carbon content on the microstructure, martensitic transformation and mechanical properties

in austenite/ε-martensite dual-phase Fe-Mn-C steels"

Acta Materialia, 61(2), 558-578 (2013)

175 D. H. Jang , G. H. Gu and ● C. G. Park

“Effects of growth pressure on the structural and optical properties of multi quantum wells (MQWs) in blue LED,"

Ultramicroscopy, 127, 114-118 (2013)

176. J. B. Seol, B.H.Lee, S. K. Lee, S. G. Hong and ● C. G.Park

"Combined Nano-SIMS/ARM/EBSD Analysis and Atom Probe Tomography of Carbon Distribution in a Duplex High Mn Steel"

Ultramicroscopy , 132, 248-257 (2013)

 177. Sungmin Park, Wooyoung Jung,  Chan Gyung Park ,

"Role of nickel catalyst during the growth of the ZnO nanowalls investigated by TEM and APT,"

Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. Japanese J. of Applied Physics, 52, 025502,1-5 (2013)

 178. Sungmin Park, Wooyoung Jung, ● Chan Gyung Park ,

"Al diffusion in ZnO nanowalls investigated by atom probe tomography,"

Met. Mater. Inter., 19(5), 1117-1121 (2013)

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"Distribution of nickel in zinc oxide nanowalls on sapphire substrate investigated using atom probe tomography,"

Scripta Mater., 68, 10001003 (2013)

180. J.H. Lee, Y.T. Kim , J.J. Kim, S.Y. Lee and ● C.G.Park

"3D compositional characterization of Si/SiO2 vertical interface structure by Atom Probe Tomography"

Electron. Mater. Lett., 9(6), 747-750 (2013)

181. Jae Bok Seol, Dierk Raabe, B. P Choi, Hyung Seok Park, J. H. Kwak, and Chan-Gyung Park

“Direct evidence for the formation of ordered carbides in a ferrite-based

low-density Fe-Mn-Al-C alloys studied by transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography,” Scripta Mateialia, 68, 348-353 (2013)


182. J. S. Kang, Jae-Bok Seol, and C. G. Park,

"Three-dimensional characterization of bainitic microstructures in low-carbon high-strength low-alloy

 steel studied by electron backscatter diffraction",

Materials Characterization, 79, 110-121 (2013)

183. J. S Kang,  C. G. Park

"Self-assembled, covalently-linked, hollow phthalocyanine nanopheres,"

Chemical Science, 4, 339-344 (2013)

184. Kangkyun Baek, Gyeongwon Yun, Youngkook Kim, Dongwoo Kim, Raghunandan Hota, Ilha Hwang, Dan Xu, Young Ho Ko, Gil Ho Gu, Ju Hyung Suh, Chan Gyung Park, Bong June Sung and Kimoon Kim

"Free-Standing, Single-Monomer-Thick Two-Dimensional Polymers through

Covalent Self-Assembly in Solution",

J. of American Chemical Society, 135, 6523-6528 (2013)

185. M. Jafari, M. H. Enayati, M. Salehi, S. M. Nahvi, and C.G. Park,

"Improvement in tribological properties of HVOF sprayed WCCo coatings using electroless NiP

coated feedstock powders", 

Surface and Coatings Tech., 235, 310-317 (2013)

186. M. Jafari, M. H. Enayati, M. Salehi, S. M. Nahvi, and C.G. Park,

"Microstructural and mechanical characterizations of a novel HVOF-sprayed WC-Co coating deposited from electroless NiP coated WC-12Co powders",

Materials Science and Eng., A,, 578, 46-53 (2013)

187. M. Jafari, M. H. Enayati, M. Salehi, S. M. Nahvi, and C.G. Park,

"Comparison between oxidation kinetics of HVOF sprayed WC12Co and WC10Co4Cr coatings",

Inter. J of Refractory Metals and Hard Mater., 41, 78-84 (2013)

188. Euijun Cha, Jiyong Woo, Daeseok Lee, Sangheon Lee, Jeonghwan Song, Yunmo Koo, Ji hyun Lee, Chan gyung Park, Moon young Yang, Katsumasa Kamiya, Kenji Shiraishi, Blanka Magyari-Köpe,

Yoshio Nishi and Hyunsang Hwang

Nanoscale(~10nm) 3D vertical ReRAM and NbO2 threshold selector with TiN electrode

2013 IEEE Int'l. Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), p.10.5 (2013)

189. Jiyeong Lee, Kangkyun Baek, Myungjin Kim, Gyeongwon Yun, Young Ho Ko, Nam Suk Lee, Ilha Hwang, Jeehong Kim, Ramalingam Natarajan, Chan Gyung Park, Wokyung Sung and Kimoon Kim, 

"Hollow nanotubular toroidal polymer microrings",

Nature Chemistry, 6, 97-103 (2014)

190. K-K Choi, Jong Kee, S-H Kim, M-S Park, C.G Park and D-K Kim,

"Filling performance and electrical characteristics o Al2O3 films deposited by atomic layer deposition for through-silicon via applications,"

Thin Solid Films, 556, (2014) 560-565

191. J. H. Lee, B. H. Lee, Y. T. Kim, J. J. Kim, S. Y. Lee, K. P. Lee, and C.G. Park,

"Study of Vertical Si/SiO2 Interface using Laser-assisted Atom Probe Tomography and Transmission Electron Microscopy",

Micron, 58, (2014), 33-37


192. Sung-Kyu Kim, B. H. Lee, C. G. Park

"The dynamic SIMS analytical technique for P negative ion profile by oxygen

primary ion source,"

Surface and Interface Analysis, in press (2014).


193. Gyeongwon Yun, Zahid Hassan, Jiyeong Lee, Jeehong Kim, Nam-Suk Lee, Nam Hoon Kim, Kangkyun Baek, Ilha Hwang, Chan Gyung Park, and Kimoon Kim

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Angewandte Chemie, 126 (2014) 6532-6536


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“Effects of Strain Control Layer on the Electrical and Optical Properties in InGaN-based LEDs,"

Phys. Status Solidi RRL


195. J. Y . Woo, J. H. Song, K. B. Moon, J. H. Lee, E. J. Cha, Amit Prakash,

D. S. Lee, S.H. Lee, J.S. Park, Y. M. Koo, C. G. Park, H. S. Hwang

"Electric and Reliability Characteristics of a Scaled (30nm) Tunnel Barrier Selector (W/Ta2O5/TaOx/TiO2/TiN) with excellent performance (JMAX > 107A/cm2)

VLSI Technology Digest of Technical Papers, pp.1-2 (2014)


196. M. Jafaria, M. H. Enayatia, M. Salehia, S. M. Nahvib, C.G. Park

"Microstructural evolution of nanosized tungsten carbide during heatup stage of sintering of electroless nickel-coated nanostructured WCCo powder"

Ceramics International , 40, 7, (2014), 11031-11039


197. M. Jafari, M. H. Enayati, M. Salehi, S. M. Nahvi, S. N. Hosseini, C. G. Park

"Influence of Nickel-Coated Nanostructured WC-Co Powders on Microstructural and Tribological Properties of HVOF Coatings"



198. Hyeok Jae Jeong, Nam Suk Lim, Bong Ho Lee, Chan Gyung Park, Sung Hak Lee,

Seong-hoon Kang, Ho Won Lee, and Hyoung Seop Kim,

"Local and Global Stress-Strain Behaviors of Transformation-Induced Plasticity Steel Using the Combined Nanoindentation and Finite Element Analysis Method"



199. J. H. Lee, B-K Chae, J.-J. Kim, S. Y. Lee, C. G. Park

"3D Observation of Dopant Distribution at NAND Flash Memory Floating Gate Using Atom Probe Tomography"

Electric Materials Letters, 11(1) (2015), 60-64

200. Hyoung Seok Park, Jong Chan Han, Nam Suk Lim, Jae-Bok Seol, Chan Gyung Park

“Nano-scale observation on the transformation behavior and mechanical stability of individual retained austenite in CMnSiAl TRIP steels”

Materials Science & Engineering A, 627 (2015) 262–269

201. Hyoung-Seok Park, Jae-Bok Seol , Nam-Suk Lim, Sung-Il Kim, Chan-Gyung Park

“Study of the decomposition behavior of retained austenite and the partitioning of alloying elements during tempering in CMnSiAl TRIP steels”

Materials & Design 82 (2015) 173–180

202. K.K.Choi, J Kee, C.G.Park, D.Kim

"Effects of H2 plasma and annealing on atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3 films and Al/Al2O3/Si strcuture"

Applied Physics Express, 8, 045801 (2015)

203. S.W.Na, J.G.Kang, J.Y.Choi, N.S.Lee, C.G.Park, H.S.Kim, S.H.Lee, H.J.Lee

"Silicidation of Mo-alloyed ytterbium: Mo alloying effects on microstructure evolution and contact properties"

Acta Materialia, 92, 15 (2015) 1-7 

204. Chan-Woo Bang, Jae-Bok Seol, Yo-Sep Yang, Chan-Gyung Park

“Atomically resolved cementite dissolution governed by the strain state in pearlite steel wires”

Scripta Materialia, 108 (2015) 151-155

205. Young-Tae Kim, Young-Hoon Kim, Jae-Bok Seol, Tae-Woo Lee, Chan-Gyung Park

“Temperature dependent nanomorpholgy–performace relations in binary iridium complex blend films for organic light emitting diodes”

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 17(2015) 21555 - 21563

206. Jae-Bok Seol, Young-Tae Kim, Bo-Hwa Kim, Chan-Gyung Park

"Novel approach for observing the asymmetrical evolution and the compositional nonuniformity of laser pulsed atom probe tomography of a single ZnO nanowire"

Met. Mater. Int., Vol. 22, No. 1 (2016), 34-40

208. Eunho Lee, Hyo Chan Lee, Sae Byeok Jo, Hansol Lee, Nam-Suk Lee,

Chan Gyung Park, Seong Kyu Lee, Hyun Ho Kim, Hyojin Bong, Kilwon Cho

Heterogrnrous Solid Carbon Source-Assisted Growth of High-Quality Graphene via CVD at Low Temperatures.” Advanced Functional Materials,

26 (2016), 562-568


209. Jae-Bok Seol, Chang-Min Kwak, Y.-T.Kim, Chan-Gyung Park

"Understanding of the field evaporation of surface modified oxide materials

through transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography."

Applied Surface Science, 368 (2016), 368-377


210. Woo-Young Jung, Jae-Bok Seol, Chan-Min kwak and Chan-Gyung Park

“Three-dimensional indium distribution in electron-beam irradiated multiple quantum wells of blue-emitting InGaN/GaN devices.”

Applies Physics Letter, 108(2016), 113111


211. Kyeong-Keun Choi, Nazanin Hosseini, Jong Kee, Sung-Kyu Kim,

Chan-Gyung Park

“Wafer level package of Au-Ge system using a Ge chemical vapor deposition(CVD) thin film.”

Applied Surface Science, 385(2016), 122-129

212. B.-G. Chae, J.-B. Seol, J.-H. Song, W.-Y Jung, H. Hwang, C.-G. Park

"Atomic-scale quantification of interdiffusion and dopant localization in

GeSbTe-based memory devices."

Applied Physics Letters, 109(2016), 112103

213. C.-M. Kwak, J.-B. Seol, Y.-T. Kim, C.-G. Park

"Laser-assisted atom probe tomography of four paired poly-Si/SiO2

multiple-stacks with each thickness of 10 nm."

Applied Surface Science, (2016), 396(2017) 497-5031

214. Seungwoo Song, Hyeon Han, Hyun Myung Jang, Young Tae Kim,

Nam-Suk Lee, Chan Gyung Park, James F. Scott

“Implementing Room-Temperature Multiferroism by Exploiting

Hexagonal-Orthorhombic Morphotropic Phase Coexistence in LuFeO3 Thin


Advanced Material, 28(2016), 7430-7435 

215. W. Xu, H. Cho, Y.-H. Kim, Y.-T. Kim, C. Wolf, C.-G. Park, T.-W. Lee

“Organometal halide perovskite artificial synapses”

Advanced Material, 28(2016), 5916-5922 

216. Young-Tae Kim, Jae-Bok Seol, Chang-Min Kwak, Chan-Gyung Park

“Influence of Laser-Pulsed Energies on Field Evaporation of LaAlO3 in Atom

Probe Tomography Analysis”

Microscopy and microanalysis, 22(2016) (Suppl 3), 1604-1605

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“A Brief Comment on Atom Probe Tomography Applications”

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218. M. Jafari, M.H. Enayati, M. Salehi, S.M. Nahvi, J.C. Han, C.G. Park

High temperature oxidation behavior of micro/nanostructured WC-Co

coatings deposited from Ni-coated powders using high velocity oxygen fuel


Surface and Coatings Technology, 302 (2016), 426-437

219. Chang-Min Kwak, Young-Tae Kim, Chan-Gyung Park, Jae-Bok Seol

“Understanding of Capping Effects on the Tip Shape Evolution and on the Atom Probe Data of Bulk LaAlO3 Using Transmission Electron Microscopy”

Microsc. Microanal, doi:10.1017/S1431927617000149

220. Young-Tae Kim, Jae-Bok Seol, Young-Hoon Kim, Hyung-Joo Ahn, Chan-Gyung Park

“Correlation of Controllable Aggregation with Light-Emitting Property in Polymer Blend Optoelectronic Devices”

Small, DOI: 10.1002/smll.201602874

221. Seon-Hyeong Na, Jae-BokSeol, MajidJafari, Chan-GyungPark

“A Correlative Approach for Identifying Complex Phases by EBSD and TEM”

Applied Microscopy, accepted