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▶ 강의 목표

This class introduces mechanics of materials, plastic deformation ofsingle crystals, and dislocation theory, based on which strengtheningmechanisms of materials are studied. Mechanical testing and analysis ontensile, fracture, and fatigue tests are explained by fundamental theoryand experimental methods.
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▶ 성적 평가 계획

- Attendence 10%
- Homework (7~8) 20%
- Experimental Report (2) 20%
- Examination (2) 50%
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▶ 강의 교재

- F.P. Beer and E.R. Johnston, Jr. "Mechanics of Materials", 2nd Ed., 1992, McGraw-Hill
- G.E. Dieter "Mechanical Metallurgy", 3rd Ed., 1986, McGraw-Hill
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▶ 강의 진도 계획

1. Introduction
2. Elastic Behavior of Materials
3. Theory of Plasticity
4. Dislocation Theory
5. Strengthening Mechanisms
6. Tensile Testing
7. Fracture
8. Fatigue
9. Creep
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▶ 기타 참조사항

- Fracture Toughness Test
- Fatigue Test
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