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No. Invited and Keynote Talk
▶ 31 Keynote Speak, Analysis for deformation and fracture behavior of magnesium during ECAP by the finite element method, 2nd International Symposium on BULK NANOSTRUCTURED MATERIALS, Ufa, Russia,September 22-26, 2009
▶ 30 Keynote Speak, Enhancement of equal channel angular pressing combined with extrusion, International Conference on Processing Manufacturing of Advanced Materials, Processing, Fabrication, Properties, Applications, August 25-29, 2009, Technical University-Berlin, Germany
▶ 29 Invited Talk, Finite Element Analysis Based on Free Volume Model for Bulk Metallic Glasses at an Elevated Temperature, 16th International Symposium on Metastable, Amorphous and Nanostructured Materials (ISMANAM 2009) Beijing, China - July 5-9, 2009.
▶ 28 Invited Speaker, Plastic Forming Analyses of Modified Equal Channel Angular Pressing, Workshop on New Advances in SPD Processing and Properties of Ductile Nanostructured Materials, June 2-4, 2009, Melbourne, Australia
▶ 27 Keynote Lecture, Modeling of microstructure evolution in ECAP, PLASTICITY 2009, St. Thomas Jan. 3-8, USA
▶ 26 Invited talk, Constitutive Model and Finite Element Analysis for Nanocrystalline Metallic Materials, Nanotechnology International Forum (RusNanotech 08) Dec. 3-5, 2008, Moscow, Russia
▶ 25 Keynote Speak, Comparison of Modified Equal Channel Angular Pressing Processes, International Symposium on Giant Straining Process for Advanced Materials (GSAM-2008) November 21-24, 2008, Fukuoka, Japan
▶ 24 Invited Talk, Modeling of elasticity of carbon nanotube reinforced metal matrix nanocomposites, The 1st International Symposium on Hybrid Materials and Processing, Busan
▶ 23 Invited Talk, Multi-scale simulation of severe plastic deformation, The Fifth International Conference on Advanced Materials and Processing (ICAMP-5) September 2-5, 2008, Harbin, China
▶ 22 Keynote Lecture, Finite Element Analysis of Tensile Deformation of Nanocrystalline Metallic Materials Based on Phase Mixture Constitutive Models, ISPMA11 11th INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON PHYSICS OF MATERIALS, Prague 24.8. - 28.8.2008
▶ 21 Invited talk, Elastic and Plastic Deformation of Nano Metallic Materials, Northeastern Asian Symposium on Advanced Materials 2007, December 5-9, 2007, Beijing, China
▶ 20 Invited Talk, Finite Element Analysis of High Pressure Torsion, The Sixth Pacific Rim International Conferenceon Advanced Materials and Processing, November 5-9, 2007, Jeju
▶ 19 Keynote Speaker, Finite Element Simulation of Severe Plastic Deformation Methods, BNM2007
(International Symposium on BULK NANOSTRUCTURED MATERIALS: from fundamentals to innovations), Ufa, Russia (2007.8)
▶ 18 Invited Speaker, Phase Mixture Modeling of Nanostructured Metals, Fifth International Conference on MATERIALS STRUCTURE MICROMECHANICS OF FRACTURE, (2007.6) Brno, Czech Republic
▶ 17 Invited Talk, Deformation mechanism map of nanocrystalline metallic materials, THERMEC (2006.7) Vancouver, Canada
▶ 16 Invited Talk, Deformation Homogeneity of Strain Hardening and Softening Materials during ECAP, FourthInternational Symposium on Ultrafine Grained Materials (UFGIV), 2006 TMS Annual Meeting, on March 12-16, 2006, San Antonio, USA
▶ 14 INVITED TALK, Process and post-process modelling of equal channel angular pressing for ultrafine grained materials, Langdon Symposium, San Francisco, TMS Annual meeting (2005.3)
▶ 13 INVITED TALK, Microstructure-based process modelling of equal channel angular pressing, International organized session Production and Properties of Ultrafine Grained Material by Severe Plastic Deformation,the annual fall meeting of ISIJ (Iron and Steel Institute of Japan), Sep. 28-30, 2004. Akita, Japan.
▶ 12 Keynote Speak, Process Modeling of Equal Channel Angular Pressing for Ultrafine Grained Materials, A NATO Advanced Research Workshop, “Nanostructured Materials by High Pressure,” the 8th InternationalConference ≪High Pressures 2004≫. Donetsk, Ukraine.
▶ 11 INVITED TALK, Deformation Mechanisms of Nanocrystalline Materials, ISMANAM2004 (11th InternationalSymposium on Metastable, Mechanically Alloyed and Nanocrystalline Materials), Sendai, Japan (22-26, Aug. 2004)
▶ 10 INVITED TALK, Deformation Modeling of Nanocrystalline Metallic Materials: Effects of Temperature and Strain Rate, The 2nd Korea-US Workshop on Advances in Metallic Structural Materials, Jeju Island (2004.5)
▶ 9 INVITED TALK, Multiscale Modeling of Mechanical Behavior of Carbon Nanotube/Metal Nanocomposites, The 3rd US-Korea Workshop on Nanostructured Materials and Nanomanufacturing (2004.5) Seoul.
▶ 8 INVITED TALK, Deformation Mechanism Map of Nanocrystalline Materials, Korea-Japan Joint Symposium on Nanoparticulate Materials-Synthesis and Applications (2004.5) Ansan
▶ 7 INVITED TALK, Phase mixture model for nanocrystalline metallic materials, The 6th KIM-JIM Symposium on Nano-structured and Non-equilibrium Materials, March 31, 2004, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
▶ 6 INVITED TALK, Modelling of Equal Channel Angular Pressing, 2nd international Symposium on ultrafine grained structure (ISUGS), 11-13 November 2003, Geelong, Victoria Australia
▶ 5 INVITED TALK, Constitutive Model and Finite Element Analysis of Deformation Behaviour of Bulk Metallic Glasses, IUMRS, Yokohama, Japan, (2003.10)
▶ 4 INVITED TALK, Process modelling of equal channel multi-angular pressing, US-Korea Workshop on Advanced in Metallic Structural Materials, Maui High Performance Computing Center, Maui, Hawaii, 21-23, Jan. 2003
▶ 3 INVITED TALK, Modelling mechanical properties of nanocrystalline metals, The 2nd International Conference on advanced Materials Processing (ICAMP2002), Singapore, Dec. 2-4, 2002
▶ 2 Invited TALK, Strength and ductility of ultrafine grained metallic materials, Second International
Conference on Ultrafine Grained Materials, TMS Annual Meeting, (2002.2) San Francisco, USA
▶ 1 INVITED TALK, Modelling strength and ductility of nanocrystalline metallic materials, Int. Symposium onNano and Nanocomposite Materials, Seoul (2001)