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Credits required for graduation

Credits required for graduation
M.S.(28 credits) Ph.D.(35 credits) Integrative Program (60 credits)
Course Research Course Research Course Research
15 13 15 20 24 36

In the cases of Ph.D. program and integrative program, not only two core courses (6 credits) of a relevant track should be taken, but also 3 credits in courses of two other tracks also should be obtained.

Each student will be co-advised by 2 professors (a major advisor/a minor advisor). Under the supervision of the major advisor, students will take courses and write a thesis. All of them are required to participate in the minor advisor's research and obtain research credits for at least one semester before graduation.

If a POSTECH undergraduate student has completed some undergraduate courses that are part of our mandatory courses (or cross-listed courses as such) and enrolls in our division, the previously taken course will be accredited. In addition, some mandatory electives should be taken to satisfy the total number of courses/credits for graduation requirements.

* Master’s program
For a student to be qualified for submitting his/her thesis, in addition to taking credits required to complete a graduate curriculum, a proposal for thesis research should be submitted to and approved by the thesis reading committee one semester before filing the thesis.
Students in this program must take a literature seminar and colloquium more than twice, respectively.

* Ph.D. program and integrative program
For a student to be qualified for submitting his/her dissertation, in addition to submitting a proposal for dissertation research, he/she is to pass the qualifying examinations. The dissertation should be completed and approved by the dissertation reading committee. Students must pass the comprehensive examination (Ph.D. qualifying examination and an oral examination related to student’s major and their thesis or dissertation performed in English).
They are also required to publish at least 2 papers in an international academic journal approved by the division.
At least one of the paper ahould be published in the first author (requisite).
Students in a Ph.D. program must take a literature seminar and colloquium more than 3 times, respectively and those in an integrative program must take each course more than 4 times.
AMS offers degrees of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in either science or engineering, which will be declared by students under the guidance of a major advisor during the oral presentation of their research plan.