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Vision & Goal

Mission of Institute

To establish a world-top class research and education institute in the field of materials science through interdisciplinary research and study, which contributes not only to the advancement of our knowledge but also to the human welfares in a sustainable society.

Research Goals  

Development of novel functional materials and device platforms leading to a revolutionary or disruptive technology 

Education Goals

Producing world-class scientists with research capabilities in the development of new functional materials and device platforms through interdisciplinary research and study
Interdisciplinary materials Science

Expected Outputs

The synergic and collateral researches for the development of new functional materials and device platforms will provide a firm base for developing both evolutionary and revolutionary technologies in many areas including IT, BT and EET, which will be a key driving force for our economic growth in the next generations.
Our convergent graduate program will provide a competitive environment for individuals to develop the skills to become leaders in scientific researches and educations, contributing to the development of next-generation human resources.