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Message from the president


Taking a Big Step toward the World-Leading Research-Oriented University

Ever since its establishment in 1986 as Korea’s first research-oriented university, POSTECH has stayed true to its role of the pioneer in Korean higher education. We have come a long way with the purpose of contributing to the nation and humanity by fostering the forerunners of science and producing significant research achievements. Globally recognized today as a leading science and technology university of Korea and Asia, POSTECH continues in its strife, now dashing forward to become a world top 20 research - oriented university by the year 2020. In this regard our selection as one of the largest beneficiaries of the World Class University (WCU) funds is expected to bring considerable leverage in our pursuit.

The WCU initiative, launched in 2008 by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, aims to rear world-class universities by providing funding for selected projects for which world-renowned scholars are invited to participate in research and education. POSTECH was selected in all of the 3 types of the funding categories of the program, the number of the chosen proposals totaling 6, securing an annual financial support of $12 million financed by the government for the 5-year duration. The 3 proposals selected in the new academic department establishment category have progressed into opening of the Division of Advanced Materials Science, the Division of Integrative Biosciences and Biotechnology, and the Division of IT Convergence Engineering. The 3 new Divisions are centered around interdisciplinary and convergent research: the Division of Advanced Materials Science focuses primarily on fundamental research for the development of new functional materials and device platforms, while the research at the Division of Integrative Biosciences and Biotechnology is concentrated on architectural structure and membrane signaling station. The Division of IT Convergence Engineering emphasizes the study of ubiquitous automatic system.

Starting in the Fall Semester of 2009, 70 graduate students will be invited each year to join the 3 Divisions to take part in the innovative research and learn from the world prominent scholars in the highly international setting. In addition to 60 faculty members of diverse POSTECH departments, 23 world-renowned scholars from some of the most prestigious institutes of the world have been invited as full-time faculty, to come aboard and engage in the dynamic research.

The problems facing the world today are no longer cleanly cut to fit specific spheres. The big, new and tangled problems such as energy and climate change call for experts of diverse realms to come together and come up with a synthetic and systematic approach for solution. Accordingly, the core scientific technology of the 21st century is certain to be born out of such interdisciplinary research overcoming the boundaries of fields. To this end, the 3 new Divisions will be of crucial contribution to the achievement of POSTECH Vision 2020 and becoming a world top 20 university by the year 2020.

The Divisions of Advanced Materials Science, Integrative Biosciences and Biotechnology, and IT Convergence Engineering are committed to training and educating graduate students into world leaders, as well as becoming the site of broad interdisciplinary research bringing about great synergies. And POSTECH is determined to fully support the 3 new Divisions with the University’s utmost capacity to help realize their advancement into world-class post-graduate institutes.

We hope to offer you an opportunity to challenge the world at POSTECH WCU Divisions, your creativity and spirit opening new horizons for science.