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2011 Summer Session

2011 Summer Session
Course Title

Tools for IT-BT Convergence

No. of Credits



IT Convergence Engineering

Lecture Time

Mon. & Wed. (09:30 ~10:45)


Donhee Ham

Lecture Room RIST4406 Type of Course Elective
RIST 4,4424 Tel.



Tools from information technology and electrical engineering are increasingly used to provide methods that can complement traditional approaches in biotechnology and human healthcare. This course seeks to cover this rather broad subject, with special attention to examples of how electrical engineering tools have been and will be useful in biotechnology in direct interface with biological systems.

Prerequisite and Compulsory
Basic understanding of general physics;
Basic understanding of general chemistry  

Grading will be 100% based on a set of homework assignments, reports, and presentations: Homework problems will be on analysis, simulation, and design of various IT/EE systems aimed at applications in biotechnology.

Class Materials
There is no textbook. Copies of lecture notes will be handed out

Alberts, Johson, Lewis, Raff, Roberts, Walter, “Molecular biology of the cell,” Garland Science

Course Schedule

Estimated course schedule

Part I: Bio-Imaging Techniques

  1. 1. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  2. 2. Ultrasound imaging

Part II: Fundamentals of Biomolecular Analytic Tools

  1. 3. Personalized, predictive, and preventive healthcare
  2. 4. Some standard biomolecular analysis methods ? microarrays, ELISA, DNA sequencing, PCR.

Part III: EE Tools for Biomolecular Analysis

  1. 5. Field-effect transistors and electronic DNA and protein microarray
  2. 6. CMOS image sensors and their application to biomolecular analysis
  3. 7. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and its application to biomolecular analysis
  4. 8. Single-molecule analysis techniques

Part VI: Monitoring systems for ubiquitous healthcare

  1. 9.     EEG, ECG, blood pressure, sugar sensors, etc.
  2. 10.  RF systems for healthcare
  3. 11.  Energy harvesting and wireless power