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Communications and Networks

Communications and Networks
Prof. Chansu Yu님의 사진입니다.
Prof. Chansu Yu
E-Mail :
Position : Distinguished Visiting prof.
Tel. : +82-54-279-5624
Laboratory : Communication & Networks
Office : RIST 4 #411-1
- Associate Professor (Tenured), Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH (2001~present)
- Assistant and Associate Professor, Information and Comm. University, Taejon, Korea (1997-2001)
- Principal Engineer and Project Manager, Multimedia Research Lab., LG Electronics, Seoul, Korea (1984-1989,1994-1997)

- Faculty Merit Recognition Award, Cleveland State University (2008, 2006)
- Graduate Faculty Professional Travel Award, Cleveland State University (2004, 2005)
- Multimedia Technology Award, Received from the President of Korea for the development of Windows CE-based PDA.(1995)

- Editor of the Journal of Information Processing Systems, (2007-Present)
- Editor of the Journal of Pervasive Computing and Communications (JPCC), Special Issue on “Wireless Networks and Pervasive Computing, (2006)

Mobile Computing and Mobile Networks, Performance Modeling, Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, Low Power Architecture, and Parallel and Cluster Computing

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