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Producing academic and industry professionals in IT Convergence Technology :
ITCE will immerse students in the theory and practice of the varied disciplines of IT Convergence Engineering, addressing the needs of continuing research and the creation of new technologies and products

Producing international leaders through hands-on research with international organizations :
Students receive in hands-on training from our distinguished international Professors as interns in their overseas facilities

Producing World Class Researchers :
World famous professors offer education in the core IT, autonomic, nano- and bio-technologies of the emerging IT convergence field, and will help to produce the next generation of world class researchers to lead these exciting fields



Defining new interdisciplinary research areas :
- Overcoming the current limits of IT technology by defining a new focused and specialized IT convergence research agenda
- Applicable to a wide range of areas such as medical science, health care, national defense, robotics, networks, communications, and environment monitoring

Strengthening critical application areas for our future :
- Offering Ubiquitous Health and Ubiquitous Environment related IT convergence technology education and industrial application opportunities
- Providing research-oriented practical education



Contributions to Societal Well-being [U-Health applications]:
Realizing advanced IT Communication services for improving people's quality of life with respect to aging, welfare, health, environment, and extending life spans. Offering both health, and welfare services anywhere and at any time through the novel combination of IT, nano sensors & systems and Biotechnology, governed and integrated by autonomic communication

Green IT and Computing [U-Environment applications]:
Contributing to sustainable eco-efficiency and eco-innovation by utilizing advanced IT convergence engineering to help reduce the use of hazardous materials, maximize energy efficiency and, increase both bio-degradability and recycling, and while reducing environment pollution and global warming

Natural disaster monitoring systems [U-Environment applications]:
Using IT convergence engineering to develop systems to warn of impending natural catastrophes, such as floods, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions, as well as systems to monitor the environment to protect and save lives



Developing new value-added technologies for industry :
Integrating IT technology with nano and biotechnology industries to produce new advances in critical high value industries

Increasing the competitiveness of Korea :
IT Convergence technologies will be used to develop the next generation of core technologies which can be used to create new applications that will enrich and empower the user

Next generation growth momentum :
Expanding and developing new markets by integrating new technologies and pioneering integrated U-Health and U-Environment services and product markets

Job Creation :
Increasing R&D activities to create products and services that leverage the combined benefits of autonomics, nano, and bio technologies

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