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Welcome to the newly formed POSTECH Division of IT Convergence Engineering!

Jong Kim Industry has been steadily evolving, from distinct networks and applications to converged networks that combine different traffic types, to converged environment that would enable unprecedented collaboration between diverse applications. POSTECH is at the forefront of this new growth, and is enhancing the trend by creatively integrating nano- and bio-technologies with autonomics, communications, networking and information technology in the Division of IT Convergence Engineering. This innovative school is founded on combining academic research with industrial prototyping and commercialization, enabling students to put theory to practical use during their course of study.

The Division of IT Convergence Engineering was founded in March 2009, and will be funded by the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology as a WCU (World Class University) Program. The comprehensive nature of POSTECH’s Division of IT Convergence Engineering, combined with POSTECH’s high quality faculty, facilities, and industrial relationships, makes this division an ideal research environment for students as well as experienced researchers.

The Division of IT Convergence Engineering emphasizes the study of Autonomics, Nano Sensors & Systems, Communications & Networks, and Biotechnology, and is dedicated to being at the cutting edge of these new exciting fields. POSTECH’s outstanding faculty has been augmented by recruiting international experts in these fields to teach and conduct research. The world class research conducted by the Division of IT Convergence Engineering will involve collaboration with top universities, research institutes and industries. We expect synergistic advances to be produced using the combined facilities and infrastructure of POSTECH and our partners, such as CUKCM (Catholic University of Korea, College of Medicine) and POSCO.

The students of the Division of IT Convergence Engineering will take part in multidisciplinary research and have the opportunity to interact with world renowned experts through a variety of research activities, such as visiting international foreign Professors’ research labs, being co-supervised by foreign Professors, and participating in overseas training programs, internships, and international workshops/seminars.

Prof. Jong Kim
Head, Division of IT Convergence Engineering