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Title : AMS Open Lab Days! (2010 첨단재료과학부 Open Lab 개최)

AMS Open Lab Days!

If you are thinking about studying interdisciplinary topics related to Physics, Chemistry or material science, we would like to invite you to AMS Open Lab Days.

Labs are open during the event for ALL students to attend. This opportunity will allow you to find out everything you need to know about a graduate school life in POSTECH and what AMS will offer for your future career.


When and Where?

8thJuly 2010 and 9th July 2010

From 2 pm

AMS Seminar room 3376, RIST Bldg. 3


Who should attend?

This meeting is primarily intended for undergraduates with background in Physics, Chemistry, Chemical engineering or Material Science.


How to join?

Visit our website (, use a pop-up menu and click “apply” until 7th July. Or, send email to


On-campus accommodation on the night of 8thJuly and meals will be provided for all the participants.


For further information, please contact our office by telephone or email.

Tel. 054.279.8737, 054.279.8738




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