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Jongsu Park
Title : Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology

Career Counseling Session

With a “boundless search for breakthroughs”, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology is the core R&D incubator for Samsung Electronics, focusing on fundamental pure research and its applications to future products in the areas of cleantech, bioscience, future IT, materials science and device.
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Event Details

1.    Date & Time:          March 24th, 2011, 10:00~17:00

2.    Place:                   Student Union Building 1st floor Lobby

3.    Recruiting Process  

- Qualifications:      Ph.D candidates, Post Doc researchers, MS holders with 5 years experience

- How to Apply:     Submit resume or CV during session, or email

- Process:   Resume Screening  (results will be informed individually) 
                  → Interview (Technical & HR) → Medical Checkup → Final Confirmation

    For further information, or to submit an application, please call 031-280-6576,

    or email 

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