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Title : Please compare MS and MS-PhD Combined Program

1. Shortening term for getting a PhD degree: You can get a PhD degree around 5 years through the MS-PhD combined program. (Normally it takes about 6 years or more)

2. Getting more scholarship than MS degree program: if you pass QE (Qualifying Examination), you will get PhD scholarship (KRW 190,000 more) even you are MS degree.

3. Only MS-PhD Combined and PhD program students can apply to the TJ Park Graduate Fellowship

(, -> you can check it from this website)

4. And if you cannot keep going your PhD degree, you can stop and get MS degree, even you entered as an MS-PhD Combined degree student.
5. POSTECH professors prefer to MS-PhD combined degree or Ph.D. degree students. (MS-PhD students can be accepted more easily than MS program students)


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