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Title : KT technology uncovers solutions to energy crisis

Prof. James Won-Ki Hong's news has been reported in the newspapers on March 20.

Hong Won-ki, vice president of KT, discusses smart energy management
at the Total Operation Center in Mapo District, western Seoul, on Feb. 13.

As the nation deals with low energy supplies and rising prices, KT has worked hard to find solutions to this national problem.

The company introduced its smart energy management system at its Total Operation Center located in Mapo District, western Seoul, on Feb. 13. KT stated that by using state-of-the-art technology, it has been able to control energy usage effectively and reduce energy consumption.

The backbone of the service involves Demand Response (DR), which has been activated at E-Mart branches across the country. The widespread use of KT’s technology puts it at the top of the smart energy DR market in Korea.

KT has also been acknowledged abroad for its technological competitiveness and now remotely monitors energy use at Finland’s national technology center.

KT’s Smart Grid is the future of energy management and optimizes efficiency by exchanging information between the electricity provider and the consumer in real time.

The developments are particularly important in Korea where high energy costs are of great concern to the nation.

The IT solutions developed by KT improve energy efficiency in three ways. First, the system checks energy consumption patterns, helping to reduce unnecessary usage. Second, it enables real-time monitoring through smartphones using IT infrastructure available at anytime. Third, the smart management system controls energy flow to assist in reducing energy consumption.

Related technology includes Advanced Metering Infrastructure, the Energy Management System, Demand Response and the Energy Storage System.

All elements are controlled at the Total Operation Center, further reducing management and infrastructure costs.

The center was constructed as part of the K-MEG (Korea-Micro Energy) project under the Ministry of Knowledge Economy. Staff members are currently in charge of large buildings in the country, and control energy use at the Guro Digital Complex and Sejong City. In 2013, the center will take charge of Seoul National University, COEX, Banwol-Sihwa Industrial Complex and Gunjang Industrial Complex. In the United States, it will also manage a SUNY Hospital in New York, and the University of California, Berkeley at San Francisco.

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