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Welcome to the MFM lab at Postech!

Our group was established in 2013 and focuses on scanning probe microsopy techniques. In particular, our unique, home-built 3He Magnetic Force Microscope within a 9-2-2 T vector magnet allows for a direct imaging of exotic spin structures, as well as the investigation of superconductivity and magnetism under extreme conditions.

In addition, we operate facilities for basic sample characterization, such as electrical transport and specific heat down to 300 mK, MPMS, as well as a tunnel diode oscillator setup. Our sample growth facility includes a sputtering system and a flux furnace.



    • [01.2020] 제3 회 MFM 연구실 MT in 평해연수원



    • [12.2019]우수연구실 재인증 통과


    • [09.2019]김근용학생 SOCTS2019 포스터상 수상




    • [07.2018]제2 회 MFM 연구실 MT


    • [07.2018]윤진영학생 2018 하계 초전도학회 포스터상 수상



    • [02.2018]Visit us at the Quantum Materials Symposium 2018 in Muju!


    • [11.2017] 과학기술부에서 우수연구실 인증



    • [08.2017] Violation of Ohm`s law in a Weyl metal has been published in Nature Maters


    • [07.2017] Science building #104 is newly opened


    • [02.2016] Graduation ceremony for Hoon (Undergraduate) and Ilkyu (PhD)! Congratulations!!


    • [11.2015] Hoon was awarded the prize of the Undergraduate Research Program! Congratulations!!


    • [10.2015] Visit us at the KPS meeting in Gyeongju!


    • [08.2015] Our MFM study on the magnetic domain evolution in La2-2xSr1+2xMn2O7 as a function of temperature and magnetic field has been published in Phys. Rev. B.


    • [08.2015] The MFM group is heading to Uljin for Membership training.


    • [07.2015] Our MFM study on the coexistence of superconductivity and ferromagnetism in ErNi2B2C has been published in Phys. Rev. B.


    • [12.2014] Our home-built He-3 MFM is operating at a base temperature of 500 mK and inside a 9-2-2 T vector magnet!


    • [04.2014] Our home-built He-4 MFM is operating!


    • [09.2013] Start of the MFM group @ IBS / Postech!
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