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제목 : 2017 Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Program

Welcome to apply for the 2017 Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Program!

About Program

The Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Program identifies the next generation of research leaders through a unique program that offers a combination of mentorship, research, networking, and academic opportunities to promising young candidates. Since its inception in 1999, the program has attracted over one thousand PhD candidates from top universities in the Asia-Pacific region, and 394 outstanding PhD students have been awarded the Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship honor. Fellows have gone on to become prominent researchers and influential individuals in academia and industry.

Fellows earn more than a simple scholarship; they enjoy long-term close engagement with Microsoft Research Asia, one of the leading computer science research labs in the world. 

Provisions of the award

• Cash awards of $10,000 USD

• Guaranteed, but not required three-month internship at Microsoft Research Asia.

• Opportunity for intensive and individualized mentorship programs with a dedicated senior researcher to help facilitate research until graduation.

• Opportunity to attend the 18th Computing in the 21st Century Conference—one of the most prestigious academic conferences in computer science in the Asia-Pacific region.

• At the discretion of Microsoft Research Asia, advisors of fellows might be invited to participate in collaborative research projects and academic exchange events.

Eligibility criteria 

• Applicants must attend a university in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Mainland China, Singapore, or Taiwan, and doing research work that relates to computing topics in which Microsoft Research has expertise.

• According to the definition of the normative period of PhD program of the applicants’ university and region, the applicant must still be in eligible PhD program until spring semester of 2019. The applicants and their advisors would be asked for supporting documents if needed.

• Multiple applicants from one supervisor will not be considered for acceptance.

• Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship Committee owns the final interpretation of above clauses.

How to apply

The 2017 Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship application period closes on June 30, 2017

• PhD students must apply directly for the scholarship online application tool  

• Materials required: 1) application form; 2) Curriculum vitae; 3) Research Statement; 4) At least two letters of reference. 

For more detailed requirements on “How to Apply”, and more information on Eligibility criteria, Award provisions, and Program timeline, please kindly visit 2017 MSRA Fellowship homepage: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/academic-program/fellowships-microsoft-research-asia/

Should you have any questions, please email the program committee via email fellowra@microsoft.com .  

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