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Financial Aid & Students Benefits


 All the students admitted into the I-Bio Program of the School of Interdisciplinary Bioscience and Bioengineering are provided with financial aids to cover the tuition fees and their living expenses. They are also provided with free-of-charge on-campus accommodations, either at the student dormitory or at the apartments for the married. There are other scholarships that students can apply for on either needs or merit basis.

 Besides the financial benefits, all POSTECH students enjoy free access to the University's educational and recreational facilities such as language learning center, fitness center, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, and so on. For foreign students in particular, the International Affairs Office arranges Korean language classes and special classes and tours introducing Korean culture and art. For extracurricular activities students can join one or more of the many student circles including Korean martial arts, drama, painting, sports, etc.

 Since the campus is a self-sufficient community, students enjoy ready access to all the services needed for their daily life in and out of classes such as book store, post office, laundry service, convenience shops, and so on. The student cafeteria in walking distance from the dormitory serves three meals a day at a nominal cost. There are also restaurants and snack corners serving a variety of foods and snacks.