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Kim, Cheeha

  전 요 셉  Ph.D., POSTECH


   ▣ 연구 분야:        Wireless Communication Systems 


     · E-mail:
 · Phone +82-(0)54-279-8834
 · OfficeC5 Rm. 222



   ▣ 관심 연구 분야 

      · Interference management for next-generation wireless communications
      · Advanced multiple-input multiple output (MIMO) systems

      · Millimeter wave and massive MIMO systems

      · Device-to-device (D2D) communications

      · Wireless communications with machine learning 


   ▣ 주요 연구 성과

      · Analysis of feedback error in wireless communications
      · Development of linear beamforming for advanced MIMO systems

      · Development of efficient feedback scheme for massive MIMO systems


   ▣ 키워드

      · Wireless communications, MIMO systems, mmWave communications, D2D communications, machine learning