Jae-Ho Han

  • BK post-doctoral fellow
  • PhD 2013, POSTECH
  • Research interests: Quantum field theory in condensed matter physics - Quantum spin liquids, quantum phase transitions, Topological matters, topological classification of phases, Many-body localization, non-equilibrium dynamics / Transport properties of magnetic nano-structures and its applications - Spintronics, spin caloritronics.
  • Jae-Ho Han and Ki-Seok Kim, "Boltzmann transport theory for many body localization, Phys. Rev. B 97, 214206 (2018).
  • Jae-Ho Han, Yong-Heum Cho, and Ki-Seok Kim, "Spin-liquid Mott quantum criticality in two dimensions : Destabilization of a spinon Fermi surface and emergence of one-dimensional spin dynamics", Phys. Rev. B 95, 235133 (2017).
  •  jaeho.han@postech.ac.kr
  • gusckdqo 

    Chang-Bae Hyun

  • BK research professor
  • PhD 2007, University of Texas at Austin
  • Research interests: Atomic force microscope’s probing protein ion-channel in artificial lipid membrane, mechano-sensitive ion-channel, atomic scale observation of two-dimensional materials with AFM, probing and controlling magnetic domains and flux using MFM.
  • C Hyun, H Kaur, T Huang, J Li, “ A tip-attached tuning fork sensor for the control of DNA translocation through a nanopore”, Review of Scientific Instrument, 88, 25001 (2017).
  • C Hyun, J Yun, WJ Cho, CW Myung, J Park, G Lee, Z Lee, K Kim, KS Kim, “Graphene edges and beyond: temperature-driven structures and electromagnetic properties”,ACS Nano, 9, 4669-4674 (2015)
  • changbaehyun@gmail.com
  •  엄재곤

        Jae-Gon Um

  • BK research professor
  • PhD 2008, POSTECH
  • Research interests: Information thermodynamics, Quantum thermodynamics, Stochastic thermodynamics in biological systems, Synchronization transition in coupled oscillators.
  • Jaegon Um, Haye Hinrichsen, Chulan Kwon, and Hyunggyu Park, "Total cost of operating an information engine, New J. Phys. 17, 085001 (2015), [citation 15].
  • Jaegon Um, Hyunsuk Hong, and Hyunggyu Park, "Nature of synchronization transitions in random networks of coupled oscillators", Phys. Rev. E 89,Chang-Jong Kang, Kyoo Kim, J. H. Shim, and B. I. Min, “ 012810 (2014).
  •  slung@postech.ac.kr



     Won-ki Cho

    • BK post-doctoral fellow: 13.11.16-14.05.08
    • Present address: MIT from May 2014
    • PhD 2013, POSTECh
    • Single-molecule Biophysics
    • Host professor: Jong-Bong Lee
    • C. Jeong*, Won-ki Cho*, K.-M. Song, C. Cook, T.-Y. Yoon, C. Ban, R. Fishel, Jong-Bong Lee, "MutS Switches Between Two Fundamentally Distinct Clamps during Mismatch Repair", Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 18, 379 (2011). ( * These authors contributed equally )


     Youn-Chang Jeong

    • BK post-doctoral fellow: 13.11.16-14.08.31
    • Present address:  University Pierre and Marie Curie
    • PhD 2013, POSTECH
    • Quantum optics and quantum information
    • Host professor: Yoon-Ho Kim
    • Youn-Chang Jeong, Carlo Di Franco, Hyang-Tag Lim, M. S. Kim, and Yoon-Ho Kim, “Experimental realisation of a delayed-choice quantum walk", Nature Communications 4, 2471 (2013).


     Sandeep Kumar

    • BK post-doctoral fellow: 14.02.01-14.07.31
    • PhD 2007, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India
    • Attosecond pulse generation and its amplification in FEL
    • Host professor: Dong-Eon Kim
    • Sandeep Kumar, H. S. Kang, Dong Eon Kim, “The effect of RF Phase of accelerating columns on the attosecond ESASE scheme”, Journal of Physics. B: Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics, B, 46, 1-7 (2013)


     Kyoo Kim

    • BK research professor: 14.03.01-14.08.31
    • Present address:  Center for Cross-coupled multi-functional Complex Materials Research, POSTECH
    • PhD 2006, POSTECH
    • Strongly correlated electronic system study through DFT-based technique
    • Host professor: Byung Il Min
    • Jong Mok Ok, Y. J. Jo, Kyoo Kim, T. Shishidou, E. S. Choi, Han-Jin Noh, T. Oguchi, B. I. Min, and Jun Sung Kim, Quantum oscillations of the metallic triangular-lattice antiferro- magnet PdCrO2, Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 176405 (2013)
    • J. J. Yang, Y. J. Choi, Y. S. Oh, A. Hogan, Y. Horibe, K. Kim, B. I. Min, and S-W. Cheong, Charge/orbital density wave and superconductivity in the strong spin-orbit coupled IrTe2:Pd, Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 116402 (2012).
    • K.-T. Ko, Kyoo Kim, Sung Baek Kim, H. -D. Kim, J. -Y. Kim, B. I. Min, J. -H. Park, F. -H. Chang, H. -J. Lin, A. Tanaka, and S. -W. Cheong, RKKY ferromagnetism with Ising-Like Spin States in intercalated Fe1/4TaS2, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 247201 (2012).


     Jae-Yeol Kim

    • BK post-doctoral fellow: 14.3.1-15.2.28
    • PhD 2014, POSTECH
    • Present address: National Institute of Health, USA.
    • Biophysics
    • Host professor: Nam Ki Lee
    • B. K Choi*, M. G. Choi*, J. Y. Kim*, Y. Yang, Y. Lai, D. H. Kweon, N. K. Lee, Y. K. Shin "Large a-Synuclein oligomers inhibit neuronal SNARE-mediated vesicle docking", Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 110, 4087-4092 (2013) (* These authors contributed equally.)
    • J. Y. Kim*, B. K. Choi*, M. G. Choi, S. A. Kim, Y. Lai, Y. K. Shin, N. K Lee, "Solution single-vesicle assay reveals PIP2-mediated sequential actions of synaptotagmin-1 on SNAREs", EMBO J. 31, 2144-2155 (2012) (*These authors contributed equally). "Selected as top 5 best papers in 2012 by BRIC". 


     Minjae Kim

    • BK post-doctoral fellow: 14.09.01-15.04.15
    • PhD 2014, POSTECH
    • Present address: Post-doc, College de France, France
    • Emergent electronic and magentic properties in strongly correlated molecular solids and itinerant ferromagnetic systems
    • Host professor: Byung Il Min
    • Minjae Kim, and B. I. Min, Temperature-dependent obital physcs in a spn-obital-lattice-coupled 2p electron Mott system: The case of KO2, Phys. Rev. B 89, 121106 (2014)
    • Minjae Kim, Hong Chul Choi, Ji Hoon Shim, and B. I. Min, Correlated electronic structures and the phase diagram of hydrocarbon-based superconductors, New. J. Phys. 15, 113030 (2013)
    • Minjae Kim, Beom Hyun Kim, Hong Chul Choi, and B. I. Min, Antiferro-magnetic and structural transitions in the superoxide lattice coupling, Phys. Rev. B. 81, 100409 (2010)
    • garix@postech.ac.kr


    Tian-Ming Zhao

    • Bk post-doctroal fellow: 14.09.01-15.08.31
    • PhD 2014, university of science and technology of china, China
    • Present address: Post-doc, POSTECH.
    • Quantum optics, quantum information, and quantum computation
    • Host professor: Yoon-Ho Kim
    • T.M. Zhao, H. Zhang, J. Yang, Z. R. Sang, J. Xiao, X. H. Bao, J. W. Pan, " Entangling color-different photons via time-resoloved measurement and active feed-forward," Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 103602 (2014)
    • H. N. Dai, H. Zhang, S. J. Yang, T. M. Zhao, J. Rui, Y. J. Deng, L. Li, N. L. Liu, S. Chen, X. H. Bao, X. M. Jin, B. Zhao, J. W. Pan, "Holographic storage of biphoton entanglement," Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 210501 (2012)
    • H. Zhang, X.M. Jin, J. Yang, H. N. Dai, S. J. Yang, T. M. Zhao, J. Rui, Y. He, X. Jiang, F. Yang, G. S Pan, Z. S. Yuan, Y. J. Deng, Z. B. Chen, X. H. Bao, S. Chen, B. Zhao, J. W. Pan, "Preparation and storage of frequency-uncorrelated entangled photons from cavity-enhanced spontaneous parametric downconversion," Nature Photonics 5, 628 (2011)
    • timmizhao@postech.ac.kr


    Jeongwoo Kim

    • BK post-doctoral fellow: 15.03.01-15.04.30
    • PhD 2015, POSTECH
    • Present address: Post-doc, Univ. of Califonia, Irvine, USA
    • 제일원리기반 상변화 물질 및 위상부도체 연구
    • Host professor: Seung-Hoon Jhi
    • Jeongwoo Kim, Jinwoong Kim, Kiseok Kim, and Seung-Hoon Jhi, "Topological Phase Transition in the Interaction of Surface Dirac Fermions in Heterostructures", Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 146601 (2012)
    • Jeongwoo Kim, and Seung-Hoon Jhi, "Emerging topological insulating phase in chalcogen compounds", Phys. Status Solidi B 249, 1874 (2012)
    • Jeongwoo Kim, Jinwoong Kim, and Seung-Hoon Jhi, "Prediction of topological insulating behavior in crystalline Ge-Sb-Te", Phys. Rev. B 82, 201312(R) (2010)
    • kjwcj@postech.ac.kr

      Anuraj Panwar

  • BK post-doctoral fellow: -16.02.29
  • PhD 2009, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India
  • Present address: Post-doc, Physics dept, POSTECH 
  • Alfvenic solitary and shock waves in space plasmas, Interactions of lasers with plasma
  • Host professor: Chang-Mo Ryu
  • Anuraj Panwar, H. Rizvi and C. M. Ryu, "Compressional Alfvenic rogue and solitary waves in magneto-hydrodynamic plasmas", Phys. Plasmas, 20, 082101 (2013)
  • Anuraj Panwar, H. Rizvi and C. M. Ryu, "Large ampltude inertial compressional Alfvenic shock and solitary waves, and acceleration of ions in magneto-hydrodynamic plasmas", Phys. Plasmas, 20, 052103 (2013)
  • apanwar@postech.ac.kr
  •  2

      Jae Whan Park

  • BK post-doctoral fellow: - 16.02.29
  • PhD 2015, POSTECH
  • Present address: Post-doc, IBS, POSTECH
  • The objective of research is to investigate atomic ane electronic properties for low dimensional systems by using first-principles theory
  • Host professor: Myung Ho Kang
  • J. W. Park and M. H. Kang, Effect of the K doping on the quasifree-standing graphene formed on Au/Ni(111): Density functional calculations, Phys. Rev. B 89, 195446 (2014)
  •  J. W. Park and M. H. Kang, Double-Layer In Structrural Model for In/Si(111)-root7xroot3 Surface, Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 166102 (2012)
  • absolute@postech.ac.kr
  •  p

     Jong-Chan Lee

  • BK post-doctroal fellow: - 16.02.29
  • PhD 2015, POSTECH
  • Present address: Post-doc, Johns Hopkins University, USA 
  • Atom-photon quantum interface & Generalized quantum measurements for quantum information applications
  • Host professor: Yoon-Ho Kim
  • Jong-Chan Lee, Hyang-Tag Lim, Kang-Hee Hong, Youn-Chang Jeong, M. S. Kim, and Yoon-Ho Kim, “Experimental demonstration of delayed-choice decoherence suppression,” Nat. Commun. 5, 4522 (2014)
  • Jong-Chan Lee, Kwang-Kyoon Park, Young-Wook Cho, and Yoon-Ho Kim, “Preservation of spatial coherence of an optical pulse in atomic vapor quantum memory,” Phys. Rev. A 88, 043824 (2013)
  • Yong-Su Kim*, Jong-Chan Lee*, Osung Kwon, and Yoon-Ho Kim, “Protecting entanglement from decoherence using weak measurement and quantum measurement reversal,” Nature Phys. 8, 117 (2012) (* These authors contributed equally)
  • ljchan@postech.ac.kr
  •  cj

     Chang-Jong Kang

  • BK post-doctoral fellow: - 16.02.15
  • PhD 2015, POSTECH
  • Present address: Post-doc, Rutgers Univ, USA
  • Research interests: Temperature and pressure dependent electronic structures of Kondo / mixed-valence metallic systems
  • Host professor: Byung Il Min
  • Chang-Jong Kang, Hong-Chul Choi, Kyoo Kim, and B. I. Min, “Topological Properties and the Dynamical Crossover from Mixed-Valence to Kondo-Lattice Behavior in Golden Phase of SmS”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 166404 (2015)
  • Chang-Jong Kang, Junwon Kim, Kyoo Kim, J.-S. Kang, J. D. Denlinger, and B. I. Min, “Band symmetries of mixed-valence topological insulator: SmB6”, J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. 84, 024722 (2015)
  • rkdc1234@postech.ac.kr
  •  f

     Hang-Hyun Jo

  • BK research professor: - 16. 08. 31
  • PhD 2006, KAIST
  •  Present address: Research professor, POSTECH
  • Statsitcial Physics and its application to social and economic phenomena as complex systems
  • Host professor: Seunghwan Kim
  • Y.-H. Eom and H.-H. Jo, Generalized friendship paradox in complex networks: The case of scientific collaboaration, Scientific Reports 4, 4603 (2014)
  • H.-H. Jo, J.I. Perotti, K. Kaski, and J. Kertesz, Analytically Solavable Model of Spreading Dynamics with Non-Poissonian Processes, Physical Review X 4, 011041 (2014)
  • H.-H. Jo, M. Karsai, J. Kertesz, and K. Kaski, Circadian pattern and burstiness in mobile phone communication, New Journal of Physics 14, 013055 (2012), featured in Research Highlights, Nature 482, 134 (2012)
  • johanghyun@postech.ac.kr
  •  ljh

      Janghee Lee

  • BK post-doctoral fellow: - 16. 08. 15
  • PhD 2016, POSTECH
  • Janghee Lee, Jae-Hyeong Lee, Joonbum Park, Jun Sung Kim, and Hu-Jong Lee, “Evidence of Distributed Robust Surfac Current Flow in 3D Topological Insulators”, Phys. Rev. X 4, 011039 (2014).
  • Janghee Lee, Joonbum Park, Jae-Hyeong Lee, Jun Sung Kim, and Hu-Jong Lee, “Gate-tuned Differentiation of Surface-conducting States in Bi1.5Sb0.5Te1.7Se1.3 Topological-insulator Thin Crystals”, Phys. Rev. B 86, 245321 (2012).
  • janghee@postech.ac.kr
  •  bk

      Bong-Kyu Choi

  • BK post-doctoral fellow: -16. 09. 15
  • PhD 2016, POSTECH
  • Research interests: Molecular mechanism of neurotransmitter release, Molecular pathogenesis of neurodegenerative disease, Development of novel in vitro vesicle fusion assay & imaging
  • Bokyoung Gong*, Bong-Kyu Choi*, Jae-Yeol Kim, Dinesh Shetty, Young Ho Ko, Narayanan Selvapalam, Nam Ki Lee, Kimoon Kim (2015) High Affinity Host–Guest FRET Pair for Single-Vesicle Content-Mixing Assay: Observation of Flickering Fusion Events. J Am Chem Soc (IF: 12.113). 137(28):8908-11. *These authors contributed equally to this study.
  • Bong-Kyu Choi, Jae-Yeol Kim, Moon-Yong Cha, Inhee Mook-Jung, Yeon-Kyun Shin, Nam Ki Lee (2015) β-amyloid and α-synuclein cooperate to block SNARE-dependent vesicle fusion. Biochemistry (IF: 3.015). 54(9):1831-40.
  • Bong-Kyu Choi*, Mal-Gi Choi*, Jae-Yeol Kim*, Yoosoo Yang, Ying Lai, Dae-Hyuk Kweon, Nam Ki Lee, Yeon-Kyun Shin (2013) Large α-synuclein oligomers inhibit neuronal SNARE-mediated vesicle docking. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA (IF: 9.674), 110, 4087.
    *These authors contributed equally to this study.
  • drbong123@gmail.com
  •  f

      Daewoong Nam

  • BK post-doctoral fellow: 16.03.01-17.02.28
  • Present address: Post-doc, POSTECH
  • PhD 2014, POSTECH
  • Research interests: 3D imaging of frozen-hydrated biological specimens with nanscale resolution/ single-shot imaging of nanostructures using thin solid membrane.
  • “Fixed target single-shot imaging of nanostructures using thin solid membranes at SACLA” by D. Nam, C. Kim, Y. Kim, T. Ebisu, M. Gallagher-Jones, J. Park, S-N. Kim, S.-S. Kim, K. Tono, D.-Y. Noh, M. Yabashi, T. Ishikawa, and C. Song, XFEL Special Issue: J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. (accepted, 2015).
  •  msk

      Minsoo Kim

  • BK post-doctoral fellow: 16.09.01-17.04.22
  • Present address: Post-doc, Univ. of Manchester
  • PhD 2016, POSTECH
  • Research interests: quantum transport properties of 2D layered semiconducting materials
  •  Minsoo Kim, Ji-Hae Choi, Sang-Hoon Lee, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Seung-Hoon Jhi, and Hu-Jong Lee, “Valley-symmetry-preserved transport in ballistic graphene with gate-defined carrier guiding,” Nature Physics (2016) - DOI: 10.1038/NPHYS3804. 
  •  Minsoo Kim, Dongchan Jeong, Gil-Ho Lee, Yun-Sok Shin, Hyun-Woo Lee, and Hu-Jong Lee, “Tuning Locality of Pair Coherence in Graphene-based Andreev Interferometers,” Scientific Reports 5, 8715 (2015).
  •  richgast@postech.ac.kr
  •  fig

    Ji-Wan Kim 

  • BK research professor:17.03.01-17.05.31
  • PhD 2010, KAIST
  • Research interests: Ultrafast magnetism, Ultrafast acoustics, Ultrafast magneto-acoustics, Ultrafast acousto-plasmonics, Ultrafast and Terahertz dynamics for multiferroic, topological insulator, and 2D materials.
  • Ji-Wan Kim, Oleksandr Kovalenko, Yu Liu, and Jean-Yves Bigot, “Exploring the Angstrom Excursion of Au Nanoparticles Excited Away from a Metal Surface by an Impulsive Acoustic Perturbation”, ACS Nano
  • J. O. Johansson, J.-W. Kim, E. Allwright, D. M. Rogers, N. Robertson, and J.-Y. Bigot, “Directly probing spin dynamics in a molecular magnet with femtosecond time-resolution”, Chem. Sci. 7, 7061 (2016).
  • hwoarang@mpk.or.kr
  • kdp 

     Kyungdeuk Park 

  • BK post-doctoral fellow: 16.10.16-17.07.15
  • PhD 2016, Hanyang University
  • Research interests: Spectroscopy, light-matter interaction, Nonlinear optical properties.
  •  Wonwook Lee, Kyungdeuk Park, Duck-Hee Kwon and Cha-hwan Oh, “Optical diagnostics with radiation trapping effect in low density and low temperature helium plasma”, Phys. Plasmas, Vol.23, 063516 (2016).
  •  meteorst33@gmail.com
  •      df

     Hyun-Jung Lee

  • BK research professor: 17.09.01-18.02.28
  • PhD 2007, Universitaet Augsburg
  • Present address : Science High School Teacher (18.03.13)
  • Research interests: Anderson localization in interacting electronic systems, Mott metal-insulator transitions, Spin fluctuation and pairing mechanism in unconventional superconductors, Topological insulator with disorder, BEC and superfluidity in ultracold atoms.
  • Hyun-Jung Lee et al.,"Correlation of Fe-based superconductivity and electron-phonon coupling in an FeAs/Oxide heterostructure", Phys. Rev. Lett.
  • Hyun-Jung Lee et al.,"Room-temperature ferromagnetism from array of asymmetric zigzag edge nanoribbon in graphene junction" (submitted)
  • zawhe@postech.ac.kr
  •       df

     Jae-Ho Han

  • BK post-doctoral fellow: 17.09.01-18.02.28
  • PhD 2013, POSTECH
  • Present address : Post-doc, Dept. of. Phys, POSTECH (18.03.13)
  • Research interests: Quantum spin liquids, quantum phase transitions, topological matters, topological classification of phases, many-body localization, non-equilibrium dynamics, spintronics, spin caloritronics.
  •  Jae-Ho Han et al.,"Spin-liquid Mott quantum criticality in two dimensions: Destabilization of a spinon Fermi surface and emergence of one-dimensional spin dynamics", Phys. Rev. B 95, 235133
  • Jae-Ho Han et al.,"Topological Fermi-liquid theory for interacting Weyl metals with time reversal symmetry breaking", Phys. Rev. B 95, 205113
  •  toom2@postech.ac.kr
  •     fig

     Sang-Hoon Lee

  • BK post-doctoral fellow: 17.03.01-17.11.30
  • PhD 2016, POSTECH
  • Present address : Post-doc, KAIST (18.03.13)
  • Research interests: Nanoporous Materials for Hydrogen Storage, Topological insulating phase in Ag2Se, Two-dimensional materials: Graphene & MoS2, Black phosphorus-like group V materials
  •  Minsoo Kim, Ji-Hae Choi, Sang-Hoon Lee, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Seung-Hoon Jhi and Hu-Jong Lee, “Valley-symmetry-preserved transport in ballistic graphene with gate-defined carrier guiding”, Nature Physics (2016) 
  • Jihwan Kim, Ahreum Hwang, Sang-Hoon Lee, Seung-Hoon Jhi, Sunghun Lee, YunChang Park, Si-in Kim, Hong-Seok Kim, Yong-Joo Doh, Jinhee Kim, and Bongsoo Kim, “Quantum electronic transport of topological surface states in beta-Ag2Se nanowire”, ACS Nano, 10, 3936 (2016)
  •  lshgoal@postech.ac.kr
  •       ddf

     O-chul Lee

  • BK post-doctoral fellow: 18.03.31-18.09.30
  • PhD 2014, POSTECH
  •  Present adress : Post-doc, POSTECH (18.10.01)
  • Research interests: Using the numerical computer simulation, analyzing the structure of the chromosome and nucleosome in nucleus, conditions for formation of fractal globule, effect of DNA methylation on the structural change of bent double-stranded DNA.
  •  O. Lee, C. Kim, J. Y. Kim, N. K. Lee and W. Sung, "Two conformational states in D-form DNAs: The effects of local denaturation" Scientific Reports 6, 28239 (2016)
  • C. Kim, O. Lee, J.-Y. Kim, W. Sung, N. K. Lee, "Dynamic release of bending stress in short dsDNA by a kink and Forks",Angew, Chem. Int. Ed. 54, 8943-8947 (2015).
  • J. Shin, O. Lee, and W. Sung, "How a short double-stranded DNA bends ", J. Chem. Phys. 142, 155101 (2015).
  •  lee572@postech.ac.kr
  •  heejungkim

      Hee-Jung Kim

  • BK post-doctoral fellow: 18.03.01-18.11.30
  • PhD 2016, POSTECH
  • Present adress : Post-doc, KAIST (18.12.06)
  • Research interests: Charge density wave and Spin density wave for layered systems : - Transition metal dichalcogenides. - Square-net system-ditelluride. Superconductivity induced by electron-phonon coupling -Quantum critical point. New structure expectation.
  • Heejung Kim, J. H. Shim, Kyoo Kim, and B. I. Min, “The charge density waves and the Coulomb correlation effects inNa2Ti2P2O (P= Sb, As) Phys. Rev. B 96, 155142 (2017).
  • Heejung Kim, Chang-Jong Kang, Kyoo Kim, J. H. Shim, and B. I. Min, “Suppression of the charge density wave instability in R2O2Bi (R= La, Er)”Phys. Rev. B93, 125116 (2016).
  •  veritas@postech.ac.kr