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POSTECH Two Phase Flow Laboratory (TPFL) was founded in 1987. In 1999, this laboratory was selected as a National Research Laboratory (NRL). In 2007, this laboratory established Fuel-cell Water management Global Research Center (FWGRC). In 2010, this laboratory greatly contributed to establishing POSTECH Division of Advanced Nuclear Engineering (DANE). At the same time, TPFL founded Nuclear Safety Laboratory extending the research area. Recently this laboratory hosted International Conference on Multiphase Flow 2013 (ICMF)

In early days of our lab, main activities are focused on researches on the two-phase flow and the phase change heat transfer. But now, we are studying experimentally and numerically in various research fields; Fundamental studies of phase change are conducted for enhancement of boiling/condensation heat transfer and CHF by modifying surface characteristics; Studies involved with Nuclear safety are in progress describing severe accidents in nuclear power plant; And water behavior and management in Fuel cell, especially PEMFC (Proton exchange membrane fuel cell), is investigated using X-ray; Studies on sodium are performed to reduce the sodium reactivity using nanoparticles, which is a very important safety issue in next generation reactor, SFR (Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor).