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The center was established in 2001 with heartful support from the executive board members of POSTECH and faculty members in the campus. It was a timely important decision in that the international scientific and nonscientific communities have regarded the area as the new paradigm of the 21st century. The subject of primary interest of the center is bionanotechnology in which active participation of scientists and engineers of the various fields such as medical science, biological science, chemical science, physical science, mechanical engineering, material engineering, computer science/engineering is highly anticipated. The research areas of the center currently undergoing include nanobiochip, nanosystems for drug delivery, single biomolecule engineering, nanobiofactory, bio NEMS, and fundamentals for bionanotechnology. Positive synergism is expected through the intimate communication and interdisciplinary collaboration among the members as well as the relevant researchers in the campus. Detailed description of research areas and the relevant participants are as follows. Also, there is no doubt that core research instruments of the center will facilitate the research of individual groups.

Research Area  Relevant Participants
  Nanobiochip Dr. Park, JoonWon, Dr. Hahn, Jong Hoon 
  Nanosystems for Drug Delivery  
  Single Biomolecule Engineering Dr. Hahn, Jong Hoon 
  Nanobiofactories Dr. Kim, Man-Joo, Dr. Hahn, Jong Hoon 
  Bio NEMS Dr. Hahn, Jong Hoon, Dr. Park, JoonWon
  Fundamentals for Bionanotechnology Dr. Park, JoonWon, Dr. Ban, Changill, Dr. Lim, Hyun-Suk