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The department offers exciting opportunities and unique advantages for the students to pursue their studies in the fields of physical, organic, inorganic, analytical, polymer chemistry, and biochemistry. The main objective of the program is to provide a suitable environment and necessary guidance enabling the students to become independent scientists. Research is the main focus of the program. The department actively promotes joint research with industrial and other research organizations in both basic and applied chemistry.

Seven professors of the Department of Chemistry as responsible researchers are making an effort for developing the technologies through the active cooperative participation as well as an individual research accomplishment in the areas of electrochemistry, organic synthesis, and surface and interfaces of polymers. The list of 7 professors is as follows.

Dr. Park, Jaiwook 

Dr. Kim, Man-Joo

Dr. Hahn, Jong Hoon

Dr. Shin, Seung Koo

Dr. Park, JoonWon

Dr. Ban, Changill

Dr. Lim, Hyun-Suk