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Master Plan
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Master Plan


The growth plan of the center is categorized into three steps, that is, the first step of incubation, the second step of growth, and the third step of blossom. The center will expand the research area and secure the base for the professional research center by 2003. Further, the center will position itself as the internationally recognized bionanotechnology center after the year of 2005. The detailed master plan of the center is summarized as below.


 Steps  Period  Objects
 Step 1
 2001.04 - 2003.03    - Major research targets and core members
   - National Nanofabrication Facility
   - Collaborative research with Industry
   - Exchange programs with other worldwide nanocenters
 Step 2
 2003.04 - 2005.03    - Boost the core research activity
   - Widen the scope of the center
   - Service for the academic and industrial sectors
 Step 3
 2005.04 - 2006.03    - Internationally recognized center
   - Technology that plays reading role in biological sciences
   - Boost the relevant industry through technology transfer or
      venture companies
   - Competitive research environments to research scientists