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The center was established in April of 2001 with a heartfulsupport from the executive board members of POSTECH. In May of 2001, the center found a space to process the necessary steps followed by establishing the bionanotechnologycenter in full scale. Presently, the center made a new start to provide POSTECH and other research institutes with the analysis service conducted by using the latest model of AFM installed in the dedicated core facility room of the center. The detailed history of the center are outlined as follows.

2001.04: Established as the research center with support from the executive board

                      members of POSTECH

2001.05: Secured the exclusive space in room No. 208-A of the Chemistry Building

2001.10: Selected as the primary research organization for developing the core technology

                       of next generation industry by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy

                       (MOCIE) of Korea

2001.11: Secured the core facility room in room No. 312 of the Chemistry Building

2001.12: Installed Multi-Mode Atomic Force Microscope(AFM) and BioScopicAtomic Force
                      Microscope (BSAFM) and made a new start of the analysis service by using these

                      analysis equipments

2002.07: Selected as the main research organization by Korea Research Foundation(KRF)

2002.12Selected as the center for the nano core platform technology development program by                             the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)