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76.   Highly sensitive amperometric detection of cardiac troponin I using sandwich aptamers and screen-printed carbon electrodes. Hunho Jo, Jin Her, Heehyun Lee, Yoon-Bo Shim, Changill Ban Talanta 2017 165, 442-448



75.   Enzyme-linked antibody aptamer assays based colorimetric detection of soluble fraction of activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule. Jin Her, Hunho Jo, Changill Ban Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 2017 242, 529-534



74.  Proteomic analysis of extracellular vesicles derived from propionibacterium acnes. Jinseong Jeon, Hyuck Jun Mok, Youngwoo Choi, Seung Chul Park, Hunho Jo, Jin Her, Jin-Kwan Han, Yoon-Keun Kim, Kwang Pyo Kim, Changill Ban Proteomics Clinical Applications 2017 11(1-2), 1600040




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73.   Crystal structure of a DNA aptamer bound to PvLDH elucidates novel single-stranded DNA structural elements for folding and recognition. Sung-Jin Choi, Changill Ban Scientific Reports 2016 6, 34998



72.  Enhanced electrochemical sensing of leukemia cells using drug/lipid co-immobilized on the conducting polymer layer. N.G. Gurudatt, M.Halappa Naveen, Changill Ban, Yoon-Bo Shim* Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2016 86, 33-40



71.  Aptamer-nanoparticle complexes as powerful diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Hunho Jo* and Changill Ban* Experimental & Molecular Medicine 2016 48, e230



70.  Overexpression of angiotensin II type 1 receptor in breast cancer cells induces epithelial-mesenchymal transition and promotes tumor growth and angiogenesis. Eunhye Oh, Ji Young Kim, Youngkwan Cho,Hyunsook An, Nahyun Lee, Hunho Jo, Changill Ban, Jae Hong Seo.* BBA - Molecular Cell Research 2016 1863(6) 1071-1081



69.   A highly sensitive and selective impedimetric aptasensor for interleukin-17 receptor A. Hunho Jo,Seong-Kyeong Kim, Hyungjun Youn, Heehyun Lee, Kwanghyun Lee, Jian Jeong, Jihyun Mok, Seung-Hyun Kim, Hae-Sim Park, Changill Ban Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2016 81, 80-86




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68.   Electrochemical aptasensor of cardiac Troponin I for the early diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction. Hunho Jo, Hyunwoo Gu, Weejeong Jeon, Hyungjun Youn, Jin Her, Seong-Kyeong Kim, Jeongbong Lee, Jae Ho Shin, Changil Ban Analytical Chemistry 2015 87(19), pp 9869-9875



67.   Formation of lipid bilayer membrane in a poly(dimethylsiloxane) microchip integrated with a stacked polycarbonate membrane support and an on-site nanoinjector. Wei Teng, Changill Ban and Jong Hoon Hahn Biomicrofluidics 2015 9, 024120



66.   Dual aptamer-functionalized silica nanoparticles for the highly sensitive detection of breast Cancer. Hunho Jo, Jin Her, Changill Ban Biosensors & Bioelectronics 2015 71, 129-136



65.   Highly sensitive and selective in vitro diagnostics based on DNA probes and aptamers. Hunho Jo, Seonghwan Lee, Changill Ban Bio Design 2015 3(4) 003(01) pp.33-40



64.   Ultrasensitive electrochemical detection of engrailed-2 based on homeodomain-specific DNA probe recognition for the diagnosis of prostate cancer. Seonghwan Lee, Hunho Jo, Jin Her, HoYong Lee, Changill Ban* Biosensors & Bioelectronics 2015 66 32–38




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63.   Structural insights into Escherichia coli polymyxin B resistance protein D with X-ray crystallography and small-angle X-ray scattering. Hunho Jo, Eui Young Jeong, Jinseong Jeon, and Changill Ban* BMC Structural Biology 2014 14 24



62.   Cationic surfactant-based colorimetric detection of Plasmodium lactate dehydrogenase, a biomarker for malaria, using the specific DNA aptamer. Seonghwan Lee, Manjunatha DH, Weejeong Jeon, and Changill Ban* PLoS ONE 2014 9(7) e100847



61.   Ultra-effective photothermal therapy for prostate cancer cells using dual aptamer-modified gold nanostars. Hunho Jo, Hyungjun Youn, Seonghwan Lee and Changill Ban* Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2014 2 4862-4867



60.   Probing Conformational Change of Intrinsically Disordered α-Synuclein to Helical Structures by Distinctive Regional Interactions with Lipid Membranes. Shin Jung C. Lee, Jong Wha Lee, Tae Su Choi, Kyeong Sik Jin, Seonghwan Lee, Changill Ban, and Hugh I. Kim* Analytical Chemistry 2014 86(3) 1909-1916




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59.   A colorimetric aptasensor for the diagnosis of malaria based on cationic polymers and gold nanoaparticles. Weejeong Jeon, Seonghwan Lee, Manjunatha DH, and Changill Ban* Analytical Biochemistry 2013 439 11-16



58.   An approach toward SNP detection by modulating the fluorescence of DNA-templated silver nanoclusters. J. Park, J. Lee, C. Ban, and W. J. Kim* Biosensors & Bioelectronics 2013 43 419-424




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57.   Aptamer and its Biological Application: Biosensor. Hunho Jo and Changill Ban* Science and Technology of sensors 2012 2(1) 15-20



56.   ATP alters the diffusion mechanics of MutS on mismatched DNA. Won-Ki Cho, Cherlhyun Jeong, Dae-Hyung Kim, Minhyoek Chang, Kyung-Mi Song, Jeungphill Hanne, Changill Ban, Richard Fishel, and Jong-Bong Lee* Structure 2012 20 1264-1274



55.   Label-free detection of kanamycin based on the aptamer-functionalized conducting polymer/gold nanocomposite. Ye Zhu, Pranjal Chandra, Kyung-Mi Song, Changill Ban*, and Yoon-Bo Shim* Biosensors & Bioelectronics 2012 36 29-34



54.   Electrochemical evaluation of binding affinity for aptamer selection using the microarray chip. Ye Zhu, Pranjal Chandra, Changill Ban, and Yoon-Bo Shim* Electroanalysis 2012 24 1057-1064



53.   A highly sensitive aptasensor towards Plasmodium lactate dehydrogenase for the diagnosis of malaria. Seonghwan Lee, Kyung-Mi Song, Weejeong Jeon, Hunho Jo, Yoon-Bo Shim, and Changill Ban* Biosensors & Bioelectronics 2012 35 291-296



52.   Characterization of multi-functional properties and conformational analysis of MutS2 from Thermotoga maritima MSB8. Euiyoung Jeong, Hunho Jo, Tae Gyun Kim, and Changill Ban* PLoS ONE 2012 7 e34529



51.   A turn-on two-photon fluorescent probe for ATP and ADP. Alla Sreenivasa Rao, Dokyoung Kim, Hyoseok Nam, Hunho Jo, Ki Hean Kim*, Changill Ban* and Kyo Han Ahn* Chemical Communications 2012 48 3206-3208



50.   Aptamers and their biological applications. Kyung-Mi Song, Seonghwan Lee, and Changill Ban* Sensors 2012 12 612-631



49.   A coordination polymer nanobelt (CPNB)-based aptasensor for sulfadimethoxine. Kyung-Mi Song, Euiyoung Jeong, Weejeong Jeon, Hunho Jo, and Changill Ban* Biosensors & Bioelectronics 2012 33 113-119



48.   Aptasensor for ampicillin using gold nanoparticle-based dual fluorescence-colorimetric methods. Kyung-Mi Song, Euiyoung Jeong, Weejeong Jeon, Minseon Cho, and Changill Ban*. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. 2012 402 2153-2161



47.   Detection of the strand exchange reaction using DNAzyme and Thermotoga maritima recombinase A. Hunho Jo, Seonghwan Lee, Kyoungin Min, and Changill Ban*. Analytical Biochemistry 2012 421 313-320



46.   Stromal cell Derived Factor-1 (SDF-1) targeting reperfusion reduces myocardial infarction in isolated rat hearts. Young-Ho Jang, June-Hong Kim, Changill Ban, Kyohan Ahn, Jae-Hun Cheong, Hyung-Hoi Kim, Jung-Soo Kim, Yong-Hyun Park, Jun Kim, Kook-Jin Chun, Gyeong- Ho Lee, Miju Kim, Cheolmin Kim, and Zhelong Xu. Cardiovascular Therapeutics 2012 30 264-272



45.   Modulated nicking endonuclease function by the N-terminal extended region of the Smr domain in human Bcl-3 binding protein. Euiyoung Jeong, Tae Gyun Kim, and Changill Ban* Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics 2012 80 327-332




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44.   Gold nanoparticle-based colorimetric detection of kanamycin using a DNA aptamer. Kyung-Mi Song, Minseon Cho, Hunho Jo, Kyoungin Min, Sung Ho Jeon, Taisun Kim, Min Su Han, Ja Kang Ku and Changill Ban*. Analytical Biochemistry 2011 415 175-181



43.   MutS switches between two fundamentally distinct clamps during mismatch repair. Cherlhyun Jeong, Won-Ki Cho, Kyung-Mi Song, Christopher Cook, Tae-Young Yoon, Changill Ban*, Richard Fishel*, and Jong-Bong Lee*. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 2011 18 379-386



42.   Simple screening method for double-strand DNA binders using hairpin DNA-modified magnetic beads. Hunho Jo, Kyoungin Min, Kyung-mi Song, Ja Kang Ku, Min-su Han, and Changill Ban*. Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 2011 32 247-250



41.   Dual-aptamer-based delivery vehicle of doxorubicin to both PSMA (+) and PSMA (-) prostate cancers. Kyoungin Min, Hunho Jo, Kyungmi Song, Minseon Cho, Yang-Sook Chun, Sangyong Jon, Won Jong Kim, and Changill Ban*. Biomaterials 2011 32 2124-2132




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40.   Single-molecule analysis reveals the kinetics and physiological relevance of MutL-ssDNA binding. Jonghyun Park, Yong-Moon Jeon, Daekil In, Richard Fishel*, Changill Ban*, and Jong-Bong Lee*. PLoS ONE 2010 5 e15496



39.   Simultaneous electrochemical detection of both PSMA (+) and PSMA (-) prostate cancer cells using an RNA/peptide dual-aptamer probe. Kyoungin Min, Kyung-Mi Song, Minseon Cho, Yang-Sook Chun, Yoon-Bo Shim, Ja Kang Ku and Changill Ban*. Chemical Communications 2010 46 5566-5568



38.   An amperometric chloramphenicol immunosensor based on cadmium sulfade nanoparticles modified-dendrimer bonded conducting polymer. Dong-Min Kim, Md. Aminur Rahman, Minh Hien Do, Changill Ban*, and Yoon-Bo Shim*. Biosensors & Bioelectronics 2010 25 1781-1788




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37.   Recognition of single mismatched DNA using MutS-immobilized carbon nanotube-field effect transistor devices. Suphil Kim, Tae Gyun Kim, Hye Ryung Byon, Hyun-joon Shin, Changill Ban*, and Hee Cheul Choi*. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2009 113 12164-12168



36.   Effect of E.coli MutL on the steady-state ATPase activity of MutS in the presence of short blocked end DNAs. Seong-Dal Heo, Ja kang Ku*, and Changill Ban*. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 2009 385(2) 225-229



35.   Dual-target gene silencing by using long, synthetic siRNA duplexes without triggering antiviral responses. Chan Il Chang, Hye Suk Kang, Changill Ban, Soyoun Kim, and Dong-ki Lee*. Molecules and Cells 2009 27 689-695



34.   Asymmetric shorter-duplex siRNA structures trigger efficient gene silencing with reduced non-specific effects. Chan Il Chang, Jae Wook Yoo, Sun Woo Hong, Shi Eun Lee, Hye Suk Kang, Xiangao Sun, Harry Rogoff, Changill Ban, Soyoun Kim, Chiang J Li, and Dong-ki Lee. Molecular Therapy 2009 17 725-732



33.   Structural insights of the nucleotide dependent conformational changes of thermotoga maritima MutL using small-angle X-ray scattering analysis. Tae gyun Kim, Hyung Jin Cha, Hyung Ju Lee, Seong-Dal Heo, Kwan Yong Choi, Ja kang Ku, and Changill Ban*. The Journal of Biochemistry 2009 145(2) 199-206



32.   Crystal structures of substrate and inhibitor complexes of ribose 5-phosphate isomerase A from Vibrio vulnificus YJ016. Tae gyun Kim, Taek Hun Kwon, Kyoungin Min, Mi-Sook Dong, Young In Park*, and Changill Ban*.Molecules and Cells 2009 27 99-103



31.   Functional properties of the thermostable MutL from Thermotoga maritima. Tae Gyun Kim, Seong-dal Heo, Ja Kang Ku, and Changill Ban*. BMB reports 2009 42(1) 53-58




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30.   Detection of mismatched DNAs via the binding affinity of MutS using a gold nanoparticle-based competitive colorimetric method. Minseon Cho, Min Su Han*, and Changill Ban*. Chemical Communications 2008 4573-4575 - Highlighted in Chemical Biology



29.   A simple and direct electrochemical detection of interferon-γ using its RNA and DNA aptamers. Kyoungin Min, Minseon Cho, Se-Young Han, Yoon-Bo Shim, Jakang Ku, and Changill Ban*. Biosensors & Bioelectronics 2008 23 1819-1824



28.   Detection for folding of the thrombin binding aptamer using label-free electrochemical methods. Minseon Cho, Yeonwha Kim, Se-Young Han, Kyungin Min, Md. Aminur Rahman, Yoon-Bo Shim, and Changill Ban*. BMB reports 2008 41 126-131




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27.   Steady-state ATPase activity of E.coli MutS modulated by its dissociation from heteroduplex DNA. Seong-Dal Heo, Minseon Cho, Ja Kang Ku*, and Changill Ban*. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 2007 364 264-269



26.   Crystal structure of recombinant human stromal cell-derived factor-1α. Eui Kyung Ryu, Tae Gyun Kim, Taek Hun Kwon, In Duk Jung, Dowook Ryu, Yeong-Min Park, Junhong Kim, Kyo Han Ahn, and Changill Ban*. Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics 2007 67 1193-1197



25.   A simple fluorescent method for detecting mismatched DNAs using a MutS-fluorophore conjugate. Minseon Cho, Suhman Chung, Seong-Dal Heo, Jakang Ku, and Changill Ban*. Biosensors & Bioelectronics 2007 22 1376-1381




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24.   Electrochemical detection of mismatched DNA using a MutS probe. Minseon Cho, Sohyun Lee, Se-Young Han, Jin-Young Park, Md Aminur Rahman, Yoon-Bo Shim*, and Changill Ban*. Nucleic Acids Research. 2006 34(10) e75



23.   DNA mismatch repair system: classical and fresh roles. Sung-Hoon Jun, Tae Gyun Kim, and Changill Ban*. The FEBS Journal (European journal of biochemistry) 2006 273 1609-1619



22.   Crystal structures of the two isomorphous A-DNA decamers d(GTACGCGTAC) and d(GGCCGCGGCC). Taegyun Kim, Taek Hun Kwon, Hyesun Jung, Ja Kang Ku, Muttaiya Sundaraingam, and Changill Ban*. Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society 2006 27 568-572




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21.  Crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of native and selenomethonyl polymyxin resistance protein D from E. coli. Hyesun Jung, Seyoung Han, Taegyun Kim, Mahn-Joo Kim, and Changill Ban*. Macromolecule Research 2005 13 549-552




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20.   Development of a new and simple method for the detection of histidine-tagged proteins. Farzana Darain, Changill Ban*, and Yoon-Bo Shim*. Biosensors & Bioelectronics 2004 20 857-863



19.   Detection of the protein - DNA interaction with a DNA probe: distinction between single-strand and double-strand DNA–protein interaction. Changill Ban, Suhman Chung, Deog-Su Park, and Yoon-Bo Shim*. Nucleic Acids Research. 2004 32 e110




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18.   DNA mismatch repair: From structure to mechanism. W. Yang, M. S. Junop, C. Ban, G. Obmolova, and P. Hsieh. Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology. 2001 65 225-232




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17.   Crystal Structures of Mismatch Repair Protein MutS and its Complex with a Substrate DNA. G. Obmolova, C. Ban, P. Hsieh, and W. Yang. Nature 2000 407 703-710




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16.   Transformation of MutL by ATP Binding and Hydrolysis: A Switch in DNA Mismatch Repair. C. Ban, M. Junop, and W. Yang. Cell 1999 97 85-97



15.   Oligomerization of a MutS Mismatch Repair Protein from Thermus Aquaticus. I. Biswas, C. Ban, K. G. Fleming, J. Qin, J. W. Lary, D. A. Yphantis, W. Yang, and P. Hsieh. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1999 274 23673-23678




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14.   Crystal Structure and ATPase Activity of MutL: Implications for DNA Repair and Mutagenesis. C. Ban and W. Yang. Cell 1998 95 541-552



13.   Structural Basis for MutH Activation in E. coli. Mismatch Repair and Relationship of MutH to Restriction Endonucleases. C. Ban and W. Yang. The EMBO Journal. 1998 17 1526-1534




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12.  Oligonucleotides with Complementary and Non-complementary Base Pairing and Their Ligand Complexes - Major and Minor Nucleotide Conformations. C. Ban and M. Sundaralingam, In Aspects of crystallography in molecular biology. Eds. S. Parthasarathy, and J. P. Glusker. New Age International Publishers, New Delhi, India 1997 333-352 (Review)



11.   Crystal structure of an alternating octamer r(GUAUGUA)d(C) with adjacent G-U wobble pairs. R. Biswas, M. C. Wahl, C. Ban, and M. Sundaralingam. Journal of Molecular Biology. 1997 267 1149-1156



10.   Crystal structure of d(GCGCGCG) with 5'-overhang G residues. B. Pan, C. Ban, M. Wahl, and M. Sundaralingam. Biophysical J. M. Sundaralingam. Biophysical Journal. 1997 73 1553-1561




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9.   Crystal Structure of the Self-Complementary 5'-Purine Start Decamer d(GCACGCGTGC) in the A-DNA Conformation - Part II. C. Ban and M. Sundaralingam. Biophysical J. M. Sundaralingam. Biophysical Journal. 1996 71 1222-1227



8.   Crystal Structure of the Self-Complementary 5'-Purine Start Decamer d(GCGCGCGCGC) in the Z-DNA Conformation - Part I. C. Ban, B. Ramakrishnan, and M. Sundaralingam. Biophysical Journal. 1996 71 1215-1221



7.   Structure of the Purine-Pyrimidine Alternating RNA double helix, r(GUAUAUA)d(C), with a 3'-Terminal Deoxy Residue. M. C. Wahl, C. Ban, C. Sekharudu, B. Ramakrishnan, and M. Sundaralingam. Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography. 1996 D52 655-667



6.   RNA-Synthesis, purification and crystallization. M. C. Wahl, C. Ban, X. Chen, B. Ramakrishnan, and M. sundaralingam. Acta Crystallographica Section D: Structural Biology. 1996 D52 668-675




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5.  Crystal-structure of an alternating RNA. M. C. Wahl, C. Ban, C. Sekharudu, B. Ramakrishnan, and M. sundaralingam. The FASEB Journal 1995 9 A1423




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4.   Structure of the recombinant Paramecium Tetraurelia Calmodulin at 1.68A resolution. C. Ban, B. Ramakrinshnan, K. Y. Ling, C. Kung, and M. Sundaralingam. Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography. 1994 D50 50-63



3.   A single 2'-hydroxyl group converts B-DNA to A-DNA. Crystal structure of the DNA-RNA chimeric decamer duplex d(CCGGC)r(G)d(CCGG) with a novel intermolecular G-C base-paired quadruplet. C. Ban, B. Ramakrinshnan, and M. Sundaralingam. Journal of Molecular Biology. 1994 236 275-285



2.   Crystal Structure of the Highly Distorted Chimeric Decamer r(C)d(CGGCGCCG)r(G)-Spermine Complex - Spermine Binding to Phosphate Only and Minor Groove Tertiary Base-Pairing. C. Ban, B. Ramakrinshnan, and M. Sundaralingam. Nucleic Acids Research. 1994 22 5466-5476




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1.   Biodegradation of aniline by Pseudomonas putida FW. Y.K. Park*, J,S, Oh, C. Ban, S.J. Yoon, and M.S. Choi. Kor. J. Appl. Microbiol. Bioeng. M.S. Choi. Kor. J. Appl. Microbiology and Biotechnology Letters. 1988 16 413-420