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Dr. YUMI YAKIYAMA     [ E-Mail : yakiyama@postech.ac.kr ]        

Publication List   


  2007-2010   Ph.D., Osaka University, Japan 

  2005-2007   M.S., Osaka University, Japan

  2001-2005   B.S., Osaka University, Japan        


Professional Career

  2009-2010     JSPS research fellowship (DC2)   

  2009               Internship of BMC Program (Integrated Education Program for         

                         Biological Sciences, Macromolecular Science, And Chemistry)

  2007-2010    Grobal COE Fellow at Osaka University, Japan (Adoption Lank: A)

  2010-2012    Postdoctoral fellow in Prof. Kawano group (AMS, POSTECH)

  2012-present   Research associate professor in Prof. Kawano group (AMS,



Awards and Honors

2014   "Presentation award" The 94th Annual Meeting of the Chemical Society 
            of Japan, Nagoya, Japan 

 2012    "Presentation award" Young Coordination Chemist's Association JAPAN     
             summer School, Hyogo, Japan

 2012   "Invited Lecture" Asian International Symposium in The 92nd Annual

             Meeting of CSJ, Tokyo, Japan

 2010     Tae-Joon Park POSTECH Postdoctoral Fellow

 2008   “The Excellent Presentation Award”   The 88th Annual Meeting of the

             Chemical Society of Japan, Tokyo, Japan

 2008   “Short Oral Presentation Award”   The 1st International Global COE    

             symposium on Global Education and Bio-Environment Chemistry

             (GCOEBEC-1), Osaka, Japan

 2006   “The Best Impressive Presentation Award”   International Workshop of

              Molecular Function in Kansai, Osaka, Japan  


Sleeping, Jogging, Talking with people, Going somewhere I’ve never been.  




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Dr. Hiroyoshi Ohtsu   [ E-Mail: hotsu@postech.ac.kr ]


Publication List

  2008-2011   Ph.D., Waseda University, Japan

  2006-2008   M.S., Waseda University, Japan

  2002-2006   B.S., Waseda University, Japan


Awards and Honors

2014    The Lectureship Award of Young Generation Special Forum from

            chemical society of Japan (94th CSJ meeting)  

 2013   KCS Poster award (111th KCS)


Professional Career

 2009-2011   Assistant Professor, Waseda University, Japan  



Reading books, Hanging around





Dr. Tatsuhiro Kojima      [ E-Mail: tkojima@postech.ac.kr ]


Publication List    


 2009-2012    Ph.D., Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

 2007-2009    M.S., Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

  2003-2007    B.S., Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan


Awards and Honors

  2013  "Rising Stars Oral Presentation award in AsCA'13" The 12th Meeting of 

           the Asian Crystallographic Association, Kong Kong.

  2013  "CSJ Presentation Award 2013" The 93rd CSJ Annual Meeting, Kusatsu,


  2008  "The prize for the Best Poster from Students at the XXI Congress of the

           International Union of Crystallography" The International Union of 

           Crystallography, Osaka, Japan.   



Futsal, Soccer









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