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I launched my research group in WCU, Division of Advanced Materials Science, POSTECH, in March, 2009. As we were not ready, so I refrained from opening our home page until fall 2010. Two members Jin Young Koo (MS) and Dr. Nazrul Islam (Tokushima Univ.) joined my group in fall 2009 and then I started setting up our laboratory with them. We have finally started experiments in our own lab when two more members Dr. Yumi Yakiyama (Osaka Univ.) and Wanuk Choi (MS) joined my group in April, 2010. We are now settled down, doing research in full swing and are ready to accept more members.

One of my research interests focused on unstable reactive intermediate species.  In many chemical reactions most of the products formed via unstable intermediates. These reactive species play important roles for determining the structure of final products. In general, it is very difficult to study them.  Basically we prepare new precursors/compounds first; then we investigate from unstable species to stable compounds on the basis of structural information.  We study correlation between structures and properties.  A kinetic phenomenon is one of the important subjects for our research.

What do you need for joining our group ?

An inquiring mind is essential.

If you have a basic knowledge of chemistry, high motivation, and a warm heart to consider others, you are always welcome!!

If you want to do something unusual, please join us!! Masaki Kawano