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Creative Projects

Convergence research projects with high risk, high impact, and high return that will pioneer a new frontier in accordance with the purpose of

  establishing CiTE/i-Lab
Many professors participate and collaborate with other universities, laboratories, and companies in order to have synergy effect in convergence
  research with humanities, social science, arts, science, engineering, and medical science
Challenging projects that seek effectiveness of CiTE/i-Lab’s education and research
Innovative Projects

Short-term, core research projects that create products, services, and industry leading world’s IT market

  Projects that secure original technology based on i-Lab research projects and student and creative research projects and have potential to
    commercialize through technology optimization
Student Projects

CiTE students freely demonstrate their creativity through this research project under the establishment purpose of CiTE which is, “nurturing creative

  talents who will lead future IT industry”
  Projects that actualize and prove students’ ideas based on PGS through research
  The purpose is to create original and leading research outcome and plan and carry out student-centered research theme for nurturing IT leaders
Research projects that create products through interactions of science, engineering, humanities, and society based on new intellectual activity
  through close convergence with education and research