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Nurturing Talents with Infinite Potential

The Department of Creative IT Engineering (CiTE) has been established with the support of our country to nurture a new kind of talents who will lead Korea’s future in the rapidly changing 21st century.

IT-centered industry of Korea, which has been fast followers in the past, came to be in the top leading positions in various areas. It has reached a point where the leaders from the past are gradually disappearing and Korea has to open up a new path. Until now, most of Korean education systems have been focused on keeping up with advanced countries’ method for quantity and efficiency-centered education. However, it is time to change this paradigm. We need education that will open up new domain and help develop and nurture pioneering skills.

This generation’s call has been the main reason that CiTE has been established. As the name of our department represents, the two words, “creativity” and “convergence”, explain ideal people of CiTE. I believe creative talents who have integrated thinking ability are appropriate people for opening the new future.

CiTE selects people who possess infinite potential and tries its best to provide an education that motivates and supports having a new, broad thinking. To make this happen, our department has two kinds of required curriculum that are different from the traditional curriculum. One is the largest curriculum with a total of 21 credits of sequential Creative IT Design courses. These sequential courses teach IT and technology related core contents through lecture, practice, design and experiment. Also, the curriculum will allow students to actively carry out creative projects for the most part. Another is composed of Creative Studio courses. CiTE provides various Creative Studio courses in which six credits are required and the rest are electives. Creative Studio courses help and provide an environment where students can freely open their imagination in humanities and social sciences. The students will also be able to actively exercise their imagination to carry out projects in this curriculum.

CiTE will do its best to nurture talents to have comprehensive thinking skills by providing new educational vision and process through bringing educational innovation. We believe that the efforts of CiTE will have a distinct contribution not only to POSTECH but also to Korea and to the world. 

I sincerely ask for your continuing interest and support for i-Lab and CiTE.

Bong Koo Kang
Director of i-Lab
Head, Dept. of CiTE