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Block copolymer 
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Block copolymers

 The morphology of the self-assembled structure are determined by the composition of the block copolymer and the degree of incompatibility between two blocks.
 Molecular weight distribution(MWD) of block copolymers made by anionic polymerization is known to be narrow. But how narrow is narrow? Would the finite MWD affect the phase behavior of block copolymers? Is it possible to fractionate the block copolymers having narrower MWD?

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        The phase diagram of PS-b-PI constructed with the fractionated PS-b-PIs.


Anionic Polymerization and Characterization

Anionic polymerization is a useful method to provide with well-defined and monodisperse polymers. Combining the anionic polymerization method and our unique characterization tools such as TGIC and MALDI-MS, we are currently involved in studying the 'real' molecular weight distribution, linking reaction kinetics of star shaped polymers, end group analysis, separation of cyclic polymers from its linear precursors, analysis of individual block of block copolymers, and so on.


Static and Dynamic Properties of Polymer

 Studies on static and dynamic properties of polymer in solution and bulk such as chain conformation, morphology, and transport phenomena provide fundamental information for the optimized design of polymeric materials. We focus on the diffusion of small molecules in polymer matrices, interaction of small probe molecules with polymer chains, and supramolecular structures of block copolymers.