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Image Signal Processing (Computer Vision)

* Real time 3-D vision system

The 3-D vision system is a compact and low cost system that provides a real time reconstruction of 3-D space from a pair of video images. This information is in the from of the distance from the camera of the object at each pixel in the image and it can then be used by other sysstems as required. The use of cameras means that the system in non-emissive and low power, unlike radar and laser systems.

Real time 3-D vision system

The core of system is a set 3-D vision ASICs. Each ASIC contains a large number of parallel processing elements so that video images can be processed in real time. They represent a VLSI architecture implementation of a high performance concurrent stereo matching algorithm developed at the Media Signal Processing Lab at Postech University. While the prototype uses a com-puter, the nature of the design will permit future systems to be fully contained in just one or two ASICs. Thus the complete vision system will be no larger that the cameras, and 3-D vision will be available in a truly portable and inexpensive package.


The 3-D Vision System has many potential applica-tions in areas such as robot control and navigation, 3-D aerial and satellite mapping, remote exploration, robotic medicine, vehicle guidance and navigation, inspection and quality control, and autonomous toys.


* High speed correlation system

High speed SAR signal correlation and classification and recognition of features and area.

High speed correlation system

* A systolic architecture of DTW for word recognition system

we present an efficient architecture for word recognition that can be efficiently implemented with ASICs. The architecture consists of a newly derived filter bank and DTW that use only bit addition and shift operations. The advantage of this architecture is the spatial efficiency that accomodates more words for the given limited space and the computational speed that avoids propagation delays in multiplications.