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번호 제목 작성자 작성일 조회수 파일
428 Jung Gi Kim, Seung Mi Baek, Hak Hyeon Lee, Kwang-Geun Chin, Sunghak Lee, Hyoung Seop Kim, Suppressed Deformation Instability in the Twinning-Induced P 새글 표시 아이콘 김형섭 2018-01-17 14 -
427 Jae Hyung Kim, Young Jin Kwon, Taekyung Lee, Kee-Ahn Lee, Hyoung Seop Kim, Chong Soo Lee, Prediction of hole expansion ratio for various steel sheets  새글 표시 아이콘 김형섭 2018-01-17 6 -
426 SONG YuePeng 1,2 ZHANG ZiHan 1 GAO DongSheng 2,* CHEN MiaoMiao 1 LI FaDe 1 KIM Hyoung-Seop 3, Deformation lagging characteristics of IF steel disk  김형섭 2017-12-30 32 -
425 Mahdi Azizieh, Mojtaba Mazaheri, Zohre Balak, Hosein Kafashan, Hyoung Seop Kim, Fabrication of Mg/Al12Mg17 in-situ surface nanocomposite via frictio  김형섭 2017-12-30 14 -
424 Jeoung Han Kim, Ka Ram Lim, Young Sang Na, Hyoung Seop Kim, Unusual high temperature deformation twinning in as-cast CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy, Ma  김형섭 2017-12-30 29 -
423 Hak Hyeon Leea, Jae Ik Yoona, Hyoung Seop Kim, Single-roll angular-rolling: A new continuous severe plastic deformation process for metal sheets, Scri  김형섭 2017-12-30 29 -
422 Hyunbin Nam, Chulho Park, Cheolhee Kim, Hyoung Seop Kim, Namhyun Kang, Effect of post weld heat treatment on weldability of high entropy alloy welds,   김형섭 2017-12-30 18 -
421 W. Kim, D-H. Ahn, J.I. Yoon, L.J. Park, H.S. Kim, Effect of target-fixture geometry on shock-wave compacted powder, MMI (2018)  김형섭 2017-12-30 15 -
419 Jongun Moon; Jae Wung Bae; Min Ji Jang; Seung Mi Baek; Dami Yim; Byeong-Joo Lee, Hyoung Seop Kim, Effects of homogenization temperature on cracking du  김형섭 2017-12-30 20 -
418 Dami Yim, Min Ji Jang, Jae Wung Bae, Jongun Moon, Chul-Hee Lee, Soon-Jik Hong, Sun Ig Hong, Hyoung Seop Kim, Compaction Behavior of Water-Atomized CoC  김형섭 2017-12-30 17 -
417 Mahdi Azizieh, Keyvan Goudarzi, Reza Pourmansouri, Hosein Kafashan, Zohre Balak, Hyoung Seop Kim, Influence of friction stir processing parameters on   김형섭 2017-12-30 12 -
416 A. V. Polyakov, I. P. Semenova, E. V. Bobruk, S. M. Baek, H. S. Kim, R. Z. Valiev, Impact toughness of ultrafine-grained CP titanium for medical appli  김형섭 2017-12-30 9 -
415 S.S. Sohn, Jo, Choi, B-J.Lee, H.S.Kim, S.Lee, Role of brittle sigma phase in cryogenic-temperature-strength improvement of non-equi-atomic Fe-rich VCr  김형섭 2017-10-04 180 -
414 Y.H. Jo, W.M. Choi, D.G. Kim, A. Zargaran, S.S. Sohn, H.S. Kim, B.J. Lee, S. Lee, Utilization of brittle σ phase for strengthening and strain hardenin  김형섭 2017-10-04 96 -
413 S. Praveen, Hyoung Seop Kim, High-Entropy Alloys: Potential candidates for high-temperature applications – an overview, Adv. Eng. Mater. 2017, 1700645  김형섭 2017-10-04 100 -
412 N. Pardis, R. Ebrahimi, H. S. Kim, Equivalent strain at large shear deformation: theoretical, numerical and finite element analysis, Journal of Applie  김형섭 2017-10-04 68 -
411 Min Ji Jang, S. Praveen, Hyun Je Sung, Jae Wung Bae, Jongun Moon, Hyoung Seop Kim, Optimization of hot processing condition of CrMnFeCoNi high-entropy  김형섭 2017-10-04 59 -
410 Effect of Surface Etching on the Tensile Behavior of Ultrafine-Grained Pure Titanium, Materials Science & Engineering A 707 (2017) 337–343  김형섭 2017-10-04 48 -
409 Jaeyeong Park, Min Cheol Jo, Hyeok Jae Jeong, Seok Su Sohn, Jai-Hyun Kwak, Hyoung Seop Kim, Sunghak Lee, Interpretation of dynamic tensile behavior by  김형섭 2017-10-04 48 -
408 Microstructure development of ultra fine grained Mg-22wt.%Gd alloy prepared by high pressure torsion, Materials Science & Engineering A 704 (2017) 18  김형섭 2017-10-04 36 -
407 Dami Yim, Wooyeol Kim, S. Praveen, MinJi Jang, Jae Wung Bae, Jongun Moon, Eunbin Kim, Soon-Jik Hong, Hyoung Seop Kim, Shock Wave Compaction and Sinter  김형섭 2017-10-04 43 -
406 Stretchability and Drawability of Twinning-Induced Plasticity Steel-Cored Layer Steel Sheets. Journal of Materials Processing Tech. 250 (2017) 357–362  김형섭 2017-10-04 26 -
405 Tradeoff between tensile property and formability by partial recrystallization of CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy, Materials Science & Engineering A 703  김형섭 2017-10-04 45 -
404 Simulation of Ti-6Al-7Nb alloy processing by equal-channel angular pressing (ECAP) using the finite element method  김형섭 2017-10-04 42 -