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The research interest of our group is in energy storage materials especially for rechargeable lithi um ion batteries that are important to power a variety of applications from portable devices to vehicles.
1 Energy storage is becoming a key player for green technology and for utilizing renewable sources such as wind and sun.
2 Especially, the realization of renewable sources using storage will lead to reduce the usage of fossil fuels, which causes tons of CO2 generation and may cuase climate change.
3 Lithium ion betteries among other energy storage technologies is playing increasingly important role becuase of high energy densitiy and high power density and recently becoming a key component with the advent of new appliation s such as PHEV(Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) and EV(Electric Vehicles).
4 The development of litium ion betteries is the most important task. There are many challenging issues to be answered in this field: the increase of energy density and the finding of new materials.
5 The goal of researches is to solve these problems through the approaches based on basic knowledge of materials science, the relationship between structures and properties.