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lab only 게시판 목록
번호 제목 작성자 작성일 조회수 파일
363 091417_Vohra et al_PLoS Biol.(2017)_The beneficial effects of dietary restriction on learning are distinct from its effects on longevity and mediated  새글 표시 아이콘 이유진 2017-09-20 0 -
362 090717_Schorn et al_Cell (2017) LTR-Retrotransposon control by tRNA-derived small RNAs 새글 표시 아이콘 이유진 2017-09-20 0 -
361 082417_Science (2017)_Cao et al_Comprehensive single-cell transcriptional profiling of a multicellular organism  이유진 2017-09-04 0 -
360 081717_PNAS (2017)_Li et al_Specific regulation of thermosensitive lipid droplet fusion by a nuclear hormone receptor pathway  이유진 2017-09-04 0 -
359 081017_Nat Commun. (2017)_Gusarov et al_Glycogen controls C elegans lifespan and resistance to oxidative stress  이유진 2017-09-04 0 -
358 080317_Elife (2017)_Norris et al_CRISPR-mediated genetic interaction profiling identifies RNA binding proteins controlling metazoan fitness  이유진 2017-09-04 0 -
357 072717_Nature (2017)_Peng et al_Cysteine protease cathepsin B mediates radiation-induced bystander effects  이유진 2017-09-04 0 -
356 072017_Nat Cell Biol. (2017)_Sinclair et al_Inter-organ signaling by HRG-7 promotes systemic haem homeostasis  이유진 2017-09-04 0 -
355 071317_Elife (2017)_Chang et al_Spatiotemporal regulation of autophagy during Caenorhabditis elegans aging.  이유진 2017-09-04 0 -
354 070617_Nat Med.(2017)_Bilkei-Gorzo et al_A chronic low dose of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) restores cognitive function in old mice.  이유진 2017-09-04 0 -