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1. Jeong, D.E., Lee, Y., and Lee, S.J.V.* (2017) Western blot analysis of C. elegans proteins.Methods in Molecular Biology (Ed: Huang) Springer (Book chapter, in press)

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4. Seo, M., Park, S., Nam, H.G.*, and Lee, S.J.V.* (2016) RNA helicase SACY-1 is required for the longevity caused by various genetic perturbations in Caenorhabditis elegansCell Cycle (*corresponding authors) 15(14): 1821-1819 (Peer-Reviewed Invited Extra View Article)

5. Lee, Y.#, Hwang, W.#, Jeong, J.Y., Park, S., Cabatbat, J.J.T., Kim, P.J., and Lee, S.J.V.* (2016) Inverse correlation between longevity and developmental rate among wild C. elegans strains. Aging (Albany NY) (#co-first authors) 8(5): 986-999

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7. Altintas, O.#Park, S.#, and Lee, S.J.V.* (2016) The role of insulin/IGF-1 signaling in the longevity of model invertebrates, C. elegans and D. melanogaster. BMB Rep. 49(2): 81-92 (Invited review) (#co-first authors) 


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Before 2009 


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