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  • Kim SY, Park KW, Lee YJ, Back SH, Goo JH, Park OK, Jang SK, Park WJ.
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    Two rice MADS domain proteins interact with OsMADS1.
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    Polypyrimidine tract-binding protein inhibits translation of bip mRNA.
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  • Kim JH, Hahm B, Kim YK, Choi M, Jang SK.
    Protein-protein interaction among hnRNPs shuttling between nucleus and cytoplasm.
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  • Chung KM, Lee J, Kim JE, Song OK, Cho S, Lim J, Seedorf M, Hahm B, Jang SK.
    Nonstructural protein 5A of hepatitis C virus inhibits the function of karyopherin beta3.
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  • Kim IJ, Lee KW, Park BY, Lee JK, Park J, Choi IY, Eom SJ, Chang TS, Kim MJ, Yeom YI, Chang SK, Lee YD, Choi EJ, Han PL.
    Molecular cloning of multiple splicing variants of JIP-1 preferentially expressed in brain.
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  • Kim YK, Jang SK.
    La protein is required for efficient translation driven by encephalomyocarditis virus internal ribosomal entry site.
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  • Cho S, Jang S, Chae S, Chung KM, Moon YH, An G, Jang SK.
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  • Kim Y, Kim JE, Lee SD, Lee TG, Kim JH, Park JB, Han JM, Jang SK, Suh PG, Ryu SH.
    Phospholipase D1 is located and activated by protein kinase C alpha in the plasma membrane in 3Y1 fibroblast cell.
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  • Cho HS, Ha NC, Kang LW, Chung KM, Back SH, Jang SK, Oh BH.
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