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1995    'Best paper award' from The Botanical Society of Korea


2002    'Outstanding paper award' from The Cross Straits Symposium on Materials,

             Energy and Environmental Sciences


2003    'Best paper award' from Korean Federation of Science and Technology

         'Woman Scientist of 2003' from Korea Science and Engineering Foundation


2004    'Role Model Scientist' from Ministry of Science and Technology of Korea and

             Korea Science and Technology Foundation


2008    'L'aureal-UNESCO woman scientist of 2008' from L'aureal and UNESCO


2009    'Macrogen Woman scientist of 2009' from Korean society for Biochemistry and  

             Molecular Biology and Macrogen


2010    'The Proud POSTECHIANs award' from POSTECH

         'Cozzarelli Prize' from National Academy of Science, USA

            as an exceptional paper published in 2010 in PNAS 

2013     'The honor of Corresponding Member' from American Society of Plant Biologist

2015     'The Presidential prize in 2015' from Korean goverment