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80 A wide-band in-air parametric array source composed of a circular plate with steps and a Langevin transducer with a horn 
79 An underwater parametric array source transducer composed of PZT/thin-polymer composite 
78 Electrospinning of poly(gamma-benzyl-alpha,L-glutamate) microfibers for piezoelectric polymer applications 
77 A Precise Equivalent-circuit Model for a Circular Plate Radiator 
76 A scanning probe mounted on a field-effect transistor: Characterization of ion damage in Si 
75 A lumped parameter model of the single free-flooded ring transducer 
74 Power Efficiency Calculation of Acoustic Energy Transmission by a Stepped-Plate Radiator  
73 Electrospinning of well-aligned fiber bundles using an End-point Control Assembly method 
72 A scanning microscopy technique based on capacitive coupling with a field-effect transistor integrated with the tip 
71 A Parametric Array Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor with Electrical Beam Steering Capability 
70 A new transduction mechanism for hydrophones employing piezoelectricity and a field-effect transistor 
69 A Micro-Machined Microphone Based on a Combination of Electret and Field-Effect Transistor 
68 A micromachined efficient parametric array loudspeaker with a wide radiation frequency band 
67 The impact of micromachined ultrasonic radiators on the efficiency of transducers in air 
66 Electrode configuration method with surface profile effect in a contact-type area-varying capacitive displacement sensor 
65 Micro-Machined Capacitive Linear Encoder with a Mechanical Guide 
64 Resonant frequency variations in a piezoelectric microcantilever sensor under varying operational conditions 
63 Measurement of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Concentrations Using a PiezoelectricMicrocantilever as aMass Sensor 
62 Improvement of High Dynamic Range Capacitive Displacement Sensor by a Global Planarization 
61 압전 마이크로캔틸레버 질량센서를 이용한 정량적 알파태아단백 검출 
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