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73 Electrospinning of well-aligned fiber bundles using an End-point Control Assembly method 
72 A scanning microscopy technique based on capacitive coupling with a field-effect transistor integrated with the tip 
71 A Parametric Array Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor with Electrical Beam Steering Capability 
70 A new transduction mechanism for hydrophones employing piezoelectricity and a field-effect transistor 
69 A Micro-Machined Microphone Based on a Combination of Electret and Field-Effect Transistor 
68 A micromachined efficient parametric array loudspeaker with a wide radiation frequency band 
67 The impact of micromachined ultrasonic radiators on the efficiency of transducers in air 
66 Electrode configuration method with surface profile effect in a contact-type area-varying capacitive displacement sensor 
65 Micro-Machined Capacitive Linear Encoder with a Mechanical Guide 
64 Resonant frequency variations in a piezoelectric microcantilever sensor under varying operational conditions 
63 Measurement of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Concentrations Using a PiezoelectricMicrocantilever as aMass Sensor 
62 Improvement of High Dynamic Range Capacitive Displacement Sensor by a Global Planarization 
61 압전 마이크로캔틸레버 질량센서를 이용한 정량적 알파태아단백 검출 
60 Permanent Polarity and Piezoelectricity of Electrospun α-Helical Poly(α-Amino Acid) Fibers 
59 Gravimetric analysis of CO2 adsorption on activated carbon at various pressures and temperatures using piezoelectric microcantilevers 
58 Development of XY scanner with minimized coupling motions for high-speed atomic force microscope 
57 Improvements in electrical properties of piezoelectric microcantilever sensors by reducing parasitic effects 
56 Effects of combined mechanical stimulation on the proliferation and differentiation of pre-osteoblasts 
55 Piezoelectric properties of polypoptide-PMMA molecular composites fabricated by contact charging 
54 Fabrication of functional micro- and nanoneedle electrodes using a carbon nanotube template and electrodeposition 
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