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No. Title
82 A Probing System for Measuring the Molecule-Level Interaction Force (분자간 상호작용력 측정을 위한 시스템 개발) 
81 Devising a Nanoprobing System for Measuring the Interaction Force of Single Protein-Carbohydrate Bond 
80 An encoder-like capacitive sensor with the planarized electrode 
79 면적변화형 정전용량 센서의 신뢰도 향상(Improving reliability of a area variational capacitive sensor) 
78 Increasing power-efficiency of a micro-machined pump transducer for a parametric transmitting array in air 
77 Micro-viscometer using acoustic wave absorption in micro-chamber and channel 
76 A stepped plate transducer as ultrasonic range sensor 
75 Effects of Parasitic Impedance on Performance of Piezoelectric Micro-machined Ultrasonic Transducer in Air 
74 Feasibility Study of PZT Uni-morph Thin-film Transducer as a Hydrophone 
73 Fabrication and evaluation of V-shaped MOS transistor probe with nano tip 
72 Label free detection of bio-molecules with piezoelectric membrane sensors based on mass-micro balancing  
71 Label free detection of a biomarker with piezoelectric micro-cantilever based on mass-micro balancing 
70 A new method to measure the adhesive force of the biomaterial using AFM 
69 "Improving Resolution of CLECDiS 
68 Fabrication and Evaluation of Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Transistor Probe 
67 Fabrication and evaluation of improved MOS transistor probe with the nano tip for surface electric properties 
66 Metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor probe with nanotip for surface electric properties 
65 A Study on the Low-Cost Highly-Directional-Sound Generator with High-Power-Efficiency 
64 음향 공진 현상을 이용한 마이크로 점도계의 설계와 제작 
63 pMUT 기반의 고해상도 초음파 거리센서 기술 개발 
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