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No. Title
204 A Nonlinear Lumped Parameter Model for Designing a Capacitive MEMS Microphone 
203 Helmholtz-Kirchhoff integral formula for predicting the acoustic pressure from a radiator including irregular surface 
202 A lumped parameter model of the single free-flooded ring transducer 
201 Characterization of Ion Doping by FET-based Scanning Probe 
200 FET 기반 주사탐침을 이용한 Si 기판의 이온 손상 특성 해석 / Application of FET-based Scanning Probe: Characterization of ion damage in Si 
199 음의 코로나 방전에 의해 차징 되어 높고 균일한 표면 전위 및 향상된 시간 안정성을 갖는 SiO2/Si3N4 일렉트릿 / High and Uniform Surface Potential and Improved Time Stability of SiO2/Si3N4 Elect 
198 Chopper stabilization method 를 이용한 Field Effect Transistor-Electret membrane MEMS Microphone 의 신호 대 잡음 비 향상 기법에 대한 연구 / Study on the improving Signal  
197 A Method for Improving Piezoelectric Constant d33 of PBLG Micro/Nanofibers Applied for Piezoelectric Polymer Fibers Composite 
196 Field-effect transistor-based transduction and acoustic receiving transducers 
195 'Feasibility study on a highly-directional parametric array loudspeaker applicable to mobile devices' 
194 'A 'Composite' Stepped Plate for Use in Highly Directional Parametric Array Loudspeakers' 
193 '상호방사효과를 고려한 수중음향트랜스듀서 배열의 응답특성 해석기법(Technique to analyze response characteristics of the underwater acoustic transducer array considering mutual rad 
192 A method for maximization the piezoelectric coefficient of poly(γ-benzyl-α,L-glutamate) micro/nanofibers 
191 '플라스틱 요철을 구비한 얇은 요철판형 고 지향성 초음파 방사기의 제작방법(Fabrication Method for Thin Stepped Plate High Directional Ultrasonic Radiator with Plastic Steps)' 
190 'Underwater parmetric array source transducer composed of pzt rods and thin polymer plate with high power efficiency for wideband sound generation' 
189 'A micromachined low frequency microphone based on a field effect transistor and an electret' 
188 'Free Flooded Ring 트랜스듀서의 집중 질량 모델 연구' 
187 Method for Overcoming Whipping Instability in Electrospinning Process 
186 'A micro-machined hydrophone using piezoelectricity on gate of a field-effect transistor ' 
185 Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasound Array Transducer with 31 Channels for Photoacoustic Imaging