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Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-2249
홈페이지 http://imlab.postech.ac.kr/members_d.htm 사무실 B2 223
박사학위 Syracuse University, 1991
연구실 Intelligent Media Lab
전공분야 Biometrics, Video Surveillance, Face Analysis, Gesture and Human Motion Analysis, Human Robot(Machine, Vehicle) Interaction



Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-2257
홈페이지 http://hpc.postech.ac.kr/~jkim 사무실 PIRL 437
박사학위 Pennsylvania State University, 1991
연구실 High Performance Computing Lab
전공분야 System, Network, Information Security, Privacy Protection, Dependable computing, Embedded System/Software, Parallel & Distributed Computing



Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-2252
홈페이지 http://chopin.postech.ac.kr/member_prof.php 사무실 B2 219
박사학위 University of Maryland, 1986
연구실 Networking & Distributed Systems Lab
전공분야 Computer Networks, Wireless/Mobile Networks, Opportunistic Networks, Future Internet



Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-2386
홈페이지 http://pl.postech.ac.kr/~gla 사무실 PIRL 334
박사학위 Carnegie Mellon University, 2005
연구실 Programming Languages Lab
전공분야 Parallel Programming, Deductive Software Verification, Type Theory, Logic in Computer Science



Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-2248
홈페이지  http://sslab.postech.ac.kr/~cipark 사무실 PIRL 311
박사학위 KAIST, 1988
연구실 System Software Lab
전공분야 Storage Networks, Mobile Storage, Secure Computing, System Virtualization, Embedded Software, Real-time Linux



Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-2256
홈페이지 http://sevlab.postech.ac.kr/~kmbae 사무실 B2 225
박사학위 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2014
연구실 Software Engineering and Verification Lab
전공분야 Software Engineering, Software Verification, Formal Methods, Computational Logic



Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-2243
홈페이지 http://monet.postech.ac.kr/yjsuh/ 사무실 PIRL 315
박사학위 Georgia Institute of Technology, 1996
연구실 Mobile Networking Lab
전공분야 Wireless Mobile Networks, 4G Mobile Networking Systems, Mobile Multicast, Mobile IP, Vertical Handovers, QoS for Mobile Networks



Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-2246
홈페이지 http://mcnl.postech.ac.kr/professor 사무실 PIRL 333
박사학위 University of Southern California, 1999
연구실 Media Computing & Networking Lab
전공분야 Multimedia Networking, Video Communication System, Future Internet/Network, Quality-of-Service/Quality-of-Experience over Wireless/Wired Networks, P2P Overlay Network, IPTV/Mobile IPTV, Ad-Hoc Network, Sensor Network, Cross Layer Optimization



Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-2387
홈페이지 http://tcs.postech.ac.kr/~heekap 사무실 B2 323
박사학위 Utrecht University, 2001
연구실 Geometric Algorithms Lab
전공분야 Computational and Discrete Geometry, Algorithms, Data Structures, Theory of Computation



홈페이지 https://sites.google.com/view/postech-via/people/professor
박사학위 The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, USA, 2014
전공분야 Computer Architecture, VLSI Design, Machine Learning



Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-2388
홈페이지 http://dm.postech.ac.kr/hwanjoyu/ 사무실 PIRL 335
박사학위 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign , 2004
연구실 Data Intelligence Lab
전공분야 Big Data, Data Mining, Text & Multimedia Mining, Machine Learning, Databases



Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-2254
홈페이지 http://nlp.postech.ac.kr/~gblee 사무실 B2 221
박사학위 UCLA, 1991
연구실 Intelligent Software Lab
전공분야 Speech and Natural Language Processing, Spoken Dialog Systems, Computer Assisted Language Learning, Text-mining and Information Retrieval



Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-2245
홈페이지 http://www.postech.ac.kr/~leesy 사무실 B4 121
박사학위 KAIST, 1995
연구실 Computer Graphics Lab
전공분야 Computer Graphics, Image Processing



Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-2253
홈페이지 http://kle.postech.ac.kr/~jhlee 사무실 PIRL 313
박사학위 KAIST, 1988
연구실 Knowledge & Language Engineering Lab
전공분야 Multilingual Language Processing (for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English), Machine Translation, Information Retrieval & Text Mining



Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-2385
홈페이지 http://cvlab.postech.ac.kr/~mcho 사무실 PIRL 312
박사학위 Seoul National University, 2012
연구실 Computer Vision Lab
전공분야 Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning



Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-2384
홈페이지 http://www.postech.ac.kr/~choism 사무실 B4 125
박사학위 Purdue University, 2003
연구실 Haptics and Virtual Reality Lab
전공분야 Haptics, Touch-based Virtual Reality, Human-Computer Interaction, and Robotics, Applied Perception



Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-2259
홈페이지 http://mlg.postech.ac.kr/~seungjin 사무실 B2 231
박사학위 University of Notre Dame, 1996
연구실 Machine Learning Lab
전공분야 Machine Learning and Probabilistic Models



Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-2389
홈페이지 http://cvlab.postech.ac.kr/~bhhan 사무실 B4 123
박사학위 University of Maryland, 2005
연구실 Computer Vision Lab
전공분야 Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition



Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-2247
홈페이지 http://cvlab.postech.ac.kr/jhhan 사무실 B2 321
박사학위 University Michigan, 1988
연구실 Computer Vision Lab
전공분야 Computer Vision, Video Analysis, Visual Surveillance, Medical Image Analysis



Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-2244
홈페이지 http://dpnm.postech.ac.kr/~jwkhong 사무실 PIRL 216
박사학위 University of Waterloo, 1991
연구실 Distributed Processing & Network Management Lab
전공분야 Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis, Network and Systems Management, IT Convergence Engineering, Ubiquitous Computing (u_Healthcare, u-Environment)

Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-8865
홈페이지 http://corelab.postech.ac.kr/~hanjun 사무실 C5 217 
박사학위 Princeton University, 2013
연구실 Compiler Research Lab
전공분야 Compiler and Parallel Computing



Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-8866
홈페이지 http://dblab.postech.ac.kr 사무실 C5 205  
박사학위 KAIST, 2001
연구실 Database Lab
전공분야 Database, Data Mining, Big Data Management and Analytics

Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-5982


사무실 B2 319
박사학위 Sookmyung Women's University, 2004
전공분야 Middleware, Distributed System, e-Learning System

홈페이지 http://igg.unistra.fr/People/seo  
박사학위 University of Geneva, 2004
연구실 CNRS - University of Strasbourg, France (ICube laboratory: Le laboratoire des sciences de l'ingénieur, de l'informatique et de l'imagerie)
전공분야 Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality



홈페이지 http://www.mage.fst.uha.fr/cordier/  
박사학위 University of Geneva, 2004
연구실 University of Haute-Alsace, France (LMIA laboratory : Le Laboratoire de Mathématiques, Informatique et Applications)
전공분야 Computer Graphics, Human Computer Interaction





Email 전화번호 +82-54-279-2250
홈페이지   사무실 LG 401
박사학위 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1983
전공분야 Parallel Processing, Fault-Tolerance, VLSI Testing, Computer-Aided VLSI Design, VLSI Architectures, Information Security



홈페이지 http://cse.postech.ac.kr/prof/kck
박사학위 University of Michigan, 1982
전공분야 Software Engineering, Software Reuse and Software Product-Line Engineering, Real-time Embedded Software Development





박사학위 University of Texas at Austin, 1975
연구실 Intelligent Multimedia Lab
전공분야 Neurocomputing, Man-Machine Interface, Korean Language Processing



홈페이지 http://cse.postech.ac.kr/prof/cmpark
박사학위 University of Maryland, 1969
전공분야 Digital Image Processing, Computer Graphics & Computer Vision, System Simulation



박사학위 University of Minnesota
전공분야 Computational digital geometry, Design and analysis of algorithms