Professors in charge

Professors in charge
Project team Team manager Professor Major
Next generation
Ohyun Kim Bumman Kim Bumman Kim Microwave circuit
Semiconductor process
Ohyun Kim Ohyun Kim Semiconductor device
Hong-june Park Hong-june Park Semiconductor design
Jae-Yoon Sim Jae-Yoon Sim Semiconductor design
Jae koo Lee Jae koo Lee Semiconductor CAD
Yoon Ha Jeong Yoon Ha Jeong Semiconductor
Haewook Han Haewook Han Semiconductor lasers
Next generation
mobile communications &

Gi-Hong Im
Won-Ki Hong

Bumman Kim Bumman Kim Microwave circuit
Semiconductor processing
Chee-Ha Kim Chee-Ha Kim Computer network
Hyo-tae Kim Hyo-tae Kim Microwave diffusion & radiation
Wee Sang Park Wee Sang Park Microwave, optical
communication engineering
Young-Joo Suh Young-Joo Suh Mobile network
Hwangjun Song Hwangjun Song Multimedia network
Kyeongcheol Yang Kyeongcheol Yang Communications
& signal design
Gi-Hong Im Gi-Hong Im Communication system,
signal design
Cheun kyung Whoon Cheun kyung Whoon Communications &
signal design
Won-Ki Hong Won-Ki Hong Network management
Display BongKoo Kang BongKoo Kang BongKoo Kang Display & electronic circuit
Yong-Soo Kim Yong-Soo Kim Microwave
Young Hwan Kim Young Hwan Kim SoC design, VLSI CAD
Poo Gyeon Park Poo Gyeon Park Automatic control
Woo Jin Song Woo Jin Song Digital signal processing
Jae koo Lee Jae koo Lee Semiconductor CAD
Haewook Han Haewook Han Semiconductor lasers
Hong, Ki Sang Hong, Ki Sang Image processing
Multimedia Geunbae Lee Kim, Dai-Jin Kim, Dai-Jin Intelligent system
Hee-Kap Ahn Hee-Kap Ahn Computational and Discrete Geometry, Algorithms, Data Structures
Prof. Hwanjo Yu Prof. Hwanjo Yu Data Mining and Machine Learning , Information Systems
Geunbae Lee Geunbae Lee Natural language
Seungyong Lee Seungyong Lee Computer graphics
Jong-Hyeok Lee Jong-Hyeok Lee Natural language processing
Hong Jeong Hong Jeong Multimedia signal processing
Seungmoon Choi Seungmoon Choi Haptics
Seungjin Choi Seungjin Choi Mechanical study
Hong, Ki Sang Hong, Ki Sang Image processing
Seung-won Hwang Seung-won Hwang Databases, Information Management
System software &
information security
Jong Kim Kyo C. Kang Kyo C. Kang Software engineering
Jong Kim Jong Kim Parallel processing
Chanik Park Chanik Park System software
Pil Joong Lee Pil Joong Lee Communications system
Industrial electronics Sang Woo Kim Kwon, Bong Hwan Kwon, Bong Hwan Alternative energy
Sang Woo Kim Sang Woo Kim Advanced control
Nam Kwang-Hee Nam Kwang-Hee Fuel cell electric vehicle
Sangchul Won Sangchul Won Medical instruments
Jin S. Lee Jin S. Lee Robotics, new transportation

New research man power

New research man power
Project team New research man power
Next generation
Jung jin Nam(Research professor)
Hee ran An(Research professor)
Jin yong Jeong(Research professor)
Next generation
mobile communications &
Mi jeong Choi(Research professor)
Jeong chang Kim(Post-doc)
Sae ho Myung(Post-doc)
Display Felipe lza Ferez (Research professor)
Shin jae Yu(Post-doc)
Industrial electronics Joo gang Lee(Research professor)