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Kim, Cheeha

  김 민 성  Ph.D., Pohang University of Science and Technology


   ▣ 연구 분야:  Control Theory and Applications

  · E-mail:
 · Phone 054-279-8878
 · OfficeC5(융합동) 322호

   ▣ 관심 연구 분야 

     · Nonlinear System Theory 
      · Motion Control for Vehicles  

      · Process Control 


   ▣ 주요 연구 성과

     · Adaptive learning controller for nonlinear systems 
      · Molten steel level control in continuous casting process 

      · Software development for controller implementation 


   ▣ 키워드

   · Nonlinear system, Vehicle, Steel process, ILC, AILC, DOB