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Kim, Sang Woo

  김 상 우  Ph.D., Seoul National University


   ▣ 연구 분야::  Intelligent Control and System



· E-mail:
· Homepage:
· Phone054-279-2237
· OfficeLG연구동 303


   ▣ 관심 연구 분야  

     · Electric Vehicle: Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) and Fault Diagnosis for PMSM 
      · Automation, Control and Systems in Steel Making Process 
      · Signal Processing: Adaptive Filtering and Holographic Data Storage 
      · Localization of Mobile Agents 
      · Optimization Algorithm
     · Optimal Control


   ▣ 주요 연구 성과

     · Defect Detection and Information Recognition System for Steel Products 
      · Localization Algorithm using Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) 
     · Adaptive Filter Theory: LMS, NLMS, and AP Algorithms 
      · Optimization Algorithm: Digital Encoding Algorithm for Searches (DEAS)



   ▣ 키워드

     · Electric Vehicles (VCU, Fault Diagnosis of Motor), Steel Making Process (Electric Arc Furnaces, Defect Detection, Text Information Extraction),

        Signal Processing
· Adaptive Filtering, Localization, Optimization Algorithm, Optimal Control