Kim, Cheeha

  장 진 아  Ph.D., POSTECH


   ▣ 연구 분야:  3D Bioprinting and Translational Medicine



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   ▣ 관심 연구 분야 

     · 3D bioprinting systems and tissue specific printable bioinks
     · Tissue modeling and printing for regenerative medicine

     · Convergence on ICT and 3D bioprinting technologies for future healthcare system

     · Image-guided diagnosis and treatment using 3D printed constructs
     · In vitro testing platform for personalized medicine


   ▣ 주요 연구 성과

      · Publication: 28 peer-reviewed journals (as of March 2017) including Nature

        Communications (2014); Acta Biomaterialia (2016); Biomaterials (2017).
      · Awards and honors: Presidential Postdoc Fellow (2015; NRF),
Excellence Award

        for Young Scientist (2016; Korea Federation of Women’s Science & Technology Associations).  

   ▣ 키워드

     · Bioprinting, Bioinks, Regenerative medicine, Delivery platform for stem cell therapy, Personalized medicine