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33 A Novel SPM Probe with MOS Transistor and Nano Tip for Surface Electric Properties 
32 Design and Fabriction of the Micro-gripper for Manipulating the Cell 
31 A self-excited micro cantilever biosensor actuated by PZT using the mass micro balancing technique 
30 A new linear encoder-like capacitive displacement sensor 
29 A new capacitive displacement sensor with high accuracy and long-range 
28 The systematic Design and Fabrication of a three-chopstick Microgripper 
27 Constitutive Relations for Piezoelectric Benders under Various Boundary Conditions 
26 Valuation and Improvement on Micro-gripper System by Axiomatic Design 
25 고정밀 및 긴 측정범위를 위한 전기용량형 변위 센서 
24 Human-based evaluation of sound from hard disk drives for noise control 
23 Expression of functional recombinant Mussel adhesive protein Mgfp-5 in Escherichia Coli 
22 Fast solving technique for mechanical dynamic characteristic in electromagnetic motional system by electro-mechanical state equation including extract... 
21 Dynamic Simulations of Electromechanical Robotic Systems Driven by DC Motors 
20 Influences of Leaf Shapes on Performance of Progressive Multi-leaf Springs 
19 압전 벤더의 효과적 모델링 기법 
18 Effects of mutual impedance on the radiation characteristics of transducer arrays 
17 Wire-suspended Dynamical System: Stability Analysis by Tension-Closure 
16 A New Microphone System for Near Whispering 
15 Noise from progressive multi-leaf spring and methods for its reduction 
14 A Hybrid-type Micro-gripper with an Integrated Force Sensor 
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